Glovia provides a competitive advantage to our customers by supporting multiple locations, multiple languages & currencies. We specialize in helping simple or complex business structures, fitting the needs of engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock, make-to-forecast, ultra-high volume (continuous) and mixed-mode manufacturing.

Our industry leading Lean Manufacturing solution is deployed at some of the world's finest companies, including – Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, Projects & Capital Equipment suppliers solving their Manufacturing, Assembly, Sub-Contract, Supply Chain, Inventory Control, Engineering and Accounting requirements.

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GLOVIA G2 supports your business, no matter what your industry or manufacturing mode, without forcing you to change your business processes - Glovia is a perfect investment in your future. Including: Order-to-Fulfillment; Supply Chain Planning & Optimization; Lean Manufacturing ERP Excellence; Service & Repair; and Fully Integrated Financials.

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GLOVIA G2 On-Demand ERP System, a set of integrated manufacturing and business applications, leverages the same global ERP system that runs many of the world's leading manufacturing companies. This hosted solution enables customers to manage every aspect of the product lifecycle – from design, manufacturing and fulfillment to installation, service and support.

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Built on's platform, glovia OM brings ERP to the cloud - all in one system seamlessly integrated with salesforce CRM. From leads management to invoicing; inventory management to purchasing and manufacturing: No more unconnected systems with their double entry costs, no more manual processes with spreadsheets, no more lack of visibility.

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