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Fulfillment, Invoicing, Order Management, Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Purchasing Fulfillment Invoicing Order Management Returns Inventory Management Manufacturing Purchasing Accounting Interfaces

Order Management

  • Product, Service, Quote/Order Entry
  • Convert Opportunity To Quote/Order
  • Quote/Order Status
  • Quote/Order PDF Printing & Emailing
  • Transfer Orders
  • Consignment Replenishment Orders
  • Consignment Consumption Orders
  • Up-sell/Cross-sell
  • Substitutions
  • Kitting
  • Order Promising
  • Ship From Multiple Warehouses
  • Bill To, Ship To, One Time Ship To
  • Pricing
  • Discounting
  • Taxes (Sales, Excise, Use, VAT)
  • Additional Charges
  • Payment Terms
  • Credit Check
  • Multi-currency


  • Reserve Inventory
  • Clear Backorders
  • Create Picklist By Product/Order
  • Confirm Picking
  • Create Packlist & Shipping Label
  • Assign Serial Numbers
  • Assign Lot Numbers
  • Confirm Packing
  • Confirm Shipment
  • Update Assets
  • Update Order Status
  • Update Inventory
  • Shipment Tracking


  • Create Invoice By Account/Order
  • Invoice Scheduling
  • Invoice Payment
  • Invoice PDF Printing & Emailing
  • A/R Credits
  • A/R Credit Payments
  • A/R Credit PDF Printing & Emailing


  • Create RMA
  • Create RMA from Case
  • Create Sales Order from RMA
  • RMA PDF Printing & Emailing
  • RMA PDF Printing & Emailing
  • Update RMA Inventory
  • RMA Dispositioning

Accounting Interfaces

  • Create Staging AR Invoice
  • Create Staging AR Credit
  • Create Staging AP Invoice
  • Create Staging AP Credit
  • Create Staging Journal Entries


  • On Hand Inventory
  • Available Inventory
  • Reserved Inventory
  • Backorder Inventory
  • Returned Inventory
  • In Transit Inventory
  • Consignment Inventory
  • Supply Order
  • Transfer Order
  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Multiple Warehouses
  • Product Cost
  • Serial Control
  • Lot Control


  • Bill of Materials
  • Routings
  • Cost Roll Up
  • Material Planning
  • Work Order Entry
  • Multiple Work Order Types
  • Create Work Order from Sales Order
  • Work Order Bill of Materials
  • Work Order Routings
  • Work Order Documentation
  • Work Order Issues
  • Assign Component Serial Numbers
  • Assign Component Lot Numbers
  • Update Component Inventory
  • Time Entry
  • Work Order Scrap
  • Work Order Completions
  • Assign Serial Numbers
  • Assign Lot Numbers
  • Update Inventory
  • Work Order Cost Accounting


  • Product, Service, Order Entry
  • Create Purchase Order from Sales Order
  • Order Status
  • Order PDF Printing & Emailing
  • Ship To Multiple Warehouse
  • Remit To, Ship To, One Time Ship To
  • Payment Terms
  • PO Receiving
  • Assign Serial Numbers
  • Assign Lot Numbers
  • Update Inventory
  • AP Invoice
  • AP Invoice Vouchering
  • AP Invoice Payments
  • AP Credits
  • AP Credit Payments
  • Pricing
  • Discounting
  • Multi-currency

Built on's platform, glovia OM brings ERP to the cloud — all in one system seamlessly integrated with salesforce CRM. From leads management to invoicing; inventory management to purchasing and manufacturing: No more unconnected systems with their double entry costs, no more manual processes with spreadsheets, no more lack of visibility.


Whether an order is created from a won opportunity or your customer directly enters via your portal, you have a single consistent visibility of the entire quote → order → fulfillment → invoicing → return process.

Provide your customer with accurate inventory and order status using a web browser or a mobile device such as the Apple iPhone. Boost productivity while keeping your sales, operations, and accounting departments in sync.

Managing your supply is essential to fully support your sales operations. Whether you purchase to stock or to customer order, make to stock or customer order, or a combination of both; glovia OM equips you to manage finished goods, component, or consignment inventory – all in multiple warehouses locations – extending your sales visibility through the entire supply chain.

Built 100% on's platform using the same development tools as – same look and feel – same application behavior – same user experience.

Configurable with standard tools – Reports, Dashboards, User Profiles, Page Layouts, Work Flow, Approvals… - no new tools or skills to learn.

Seamlessly integrated with CRM functions – extend CRM using their objects – Accounts, Contacts, Products, Price Books, Opportunities, Cases, Assets…


Improve sales execution

  • Increase sales visibility
  • Single sales execution process for all source of demand
  • Accurate reliable order promising
  • Increase sales by up sell, cross sell
  • Shorten sales cycle

Improve fulfillment process

  • Inventory accuracy with visibility
  • Flexible single process for warehouse operations
  • Reduce fulfillment cycle time, cost

Efficiently procure goods and services

  • Improve purchase operations
  • Full visibility
  • Paperless procurement with approvals

Efficiently manufacture goods

  • Improve materials operations
  • Improve manufacturing operations
  • Full visibility

Easy and quick to start

  • Intuitive screens and workflows
  • Same technology and look as salesforce com
  • Seamless integration with
  • Native application on


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