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Aerospace & Defense Solutions

Solutions Designed to Meet the Unique Needs of the A&D Industry

The Aerospace and Defense Industry has the unique demands of meeting ever changing complex regulations and standards such as AS9100 to which the supplier must adhere.

AS9100 exerts more stringent controls and guidelines to quality management that include full configuration management:

  • from As-Designed, which reflects the customer's demand,
  • to As-Planned and As-Built, which reflect the consistency between the demand and the supply,
  • to As-Shipped, ensuring that the correct product - down to lot and serial as required - is shipped,
  • through As-Installed where applicable and
  • As-Maintained to ensure that all changes to the As-Shipped are documented - again down to lot and serial as required, along with the effectivity dates of the changes.

Frequently individuals question the need for the level of detail required and the costs associated with that detail. If we keep in mind the use to which these products are put, this question is more easily addressed. If the plane experiences a mechanical failure or the weapon doesn't work, the reason for that error must be rapidly determined and a solution presented to prevent all possibility of future failure with that same and similar products. This can only be enabled if all supporting data for the design, the manufacture and the maintenance of a product is equally well maintained - and that takes time, effort and money to do.

Glovia helps manage this time and cost by enabling all transactions to be costed and recorded as part of the product history. From estimating the bid to winning the contract, through planning, building, shipping and maintaining the product, all associated data is captured and for the purposes of data requirements, can be stored and shipped along with the product as is required in many instances. This capability to manage all related data includes the required forms attesting to quality, work instructions and conformance to regulations.

Given the degree of structure and detail enabled by Glovia, processes can be enhanced to promote efficiency. This level of detail is required for the production of precision parts, critical parts that impact success or failure of the product. At the same time, if this level of detail is not required for any part of the process, alternatives are available - providing you needed flexibility. In this way, Glovia fits into your operating style rather than forcing you to change to meet the system.

As an example of just how well Glovia understands the Aerospace & Defense Industry, our Estimating module allows for simultaneous make and buy of the same item, often a problem when trying to meet budget and schedule. Even more impressive, Glovia provides Progressive Engineering, capability to allow you to begin the acquisition of long lead components while still defining the end item. As is well known, the requirements for sub assemblies frequently get sent to subcontractors while the unique features of the end item are yet to be finalized. Progressive Engineering enables the supplier to meet tight schedules, even while this end item discussion continues. At the same time, all acquired components remain protected, dedicated to that yet to be defined end item so that no time and material costs are unaccounted for.

Progressive Engineering

Progressive Engineering
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When it comes to post shipment, Glovia manages this detail by way of our Installation Management, enabling the shipped subassembly to be installed at the customer site, again with full detail of all material and labor involved. The Installation Site Register reflects the installed product structure to enable full visibility for maintenance and engineering changes. Another result of this visibility is the full product lifecycle cost, which helps enhance future bids.

One other unique requirement of the Aerospace & Defense Industry is the audit requirements imposed by the customer on the Prime Contractor and thus on each subcontractor. Each supplier must adhere to regular audits by their customer(s) which, if not established and managed efficiently, can negatively impact productivity.

Project Management plays a significant role in Aerospace & Defense and given your role in the supplier tier you may be required to report on Earned Value Management (EVM). From one contract and project, to multiple projects for a contract, Glovia's Project Accounting and Program Cost Accounting allow for visibility of the contract bottom line, including outstanding commitments. When it comes to customer audits, the Project capabilities provided by Glovia enable accurate and efficient audits.

The award of contract to the prime is most often a matter of competitive bid. Part of this bid may be creation of a new or revised product. It is important to be able to track all costs, from initial design through First Article because frequently these costs can be charged back to the customer.

Glovia High Level Product / Project Flow

Glovia High Level Product / Project Flow
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On award of the contract the demand is planned through shipment and where required through installation and post-sales service. Linking projects to all material and service of the demand, including product and support documentation when required, is imperative.

Glovia Bid Process and Contract Management Linked to Project Definition

Glovia Bid Process and Contract Management Linked to Project Definition
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