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Automotive Solutions

Reliable Solutions That Drive The Automotive Industry

The rapid rise of global competition, complex supply chains, surges in costs, booming customer demands, recent economic downturns, and pressure from auto manufacturers to reduce costs and be more responsive have combined to leave absolutely no room for error for automotive manufacturer suppliers.

Glovia understands these challenges. For years we have worked closely with automotive suppliers to develop capabilities to support the industry as it has evolved. Our customers have used Glovia to achieve significant operational advantages, especially reduced product and delivery lead times and greater profitability.

To be competitive, automotive suppliers need to eliminate waste, increase responsiveness, deploy lean manufacturing initiatives internally and throughout the supply chain, become more demand-driven, and have widespread access to real-time business intelligence. Essentially, you need applications that support the way you do business — without special programming and "work-arounds." This is exactly where Glovia comes in.

Glovia's extended ERP suite has dedicated automotive functionality that will greatly help you to reduce, manage and replenish inventory, streamline production, cut lead times, collaborate in real time, integrate supply chains and your enterprise, and link accurate demand forecasting to production and supply. Quick and accurate information intelligence will ensure that you stay on top of rapidly evolving customer demands and Glovia's easily customized and integrated modules allow you to adapt easily to changes within your company, customers, markets, and industry.

Glovia has advanced purchasing capabilities that support today's procurement strategies, including supplier releasing, blanket orders, vendor balancing, consignment inventory, automated replenishment, assembly outsourcing, flow manufacturing and streamlined payment options.

Glovia automotive customers have had particular success with our Kanban solution as applied in lean manufacturing initiatives. To remain competitive, manufacturers need to move parts and components as efficiently as possible from one workspace to another. Kanban "card signals" manage this process electronically and can be extended via the Internet to include suppliers and outsourcers for true lean efficiency and profit.

With functionality that enables collaboration with OEM customers early in the design cycle, Glovia supports today's integrated supply chain. Glovia customer releasing integrates automotive release accounting with demand creation, planning, shipping and maintaining. Glovia customer releasing provides identical functionality for managing supplier relationships and contracts.

To support global standards and transaction sets, Glovia offers comprehensive EDI capabilities. Glovia supports Automotive Network Exchange (ANX) as well as today's leading EDI standards including Edifact, ODETTE and ANSI X.12. Glovia also offers a state-of-the art XML framework and transactions sets founded on the ultra-powerful Interstage solution from Fujitsu.

With Glovia, you achieve higher quality, obtain lower prices, and accelerate response — all while maintaining profit margins. We back Glovia with world-class implementation services, education and technical support. Our professionals are dedicated to helping you realize a rapid return on your technology investment through a wide range of business benefits.