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Manufacturing Solutions

World Class Solutions To Increase Production, Reduce Costs, and Win Customers

Manufacturing can be a very challenging and competitive business. You have to respond quickly to changing markets and business practices. Your customers are demanding more than ever and with the growth of the global market, they have more options for products and services than ever before. So now your products must move from prototype to production in a fraction of the time it took in the past. Meanwhile, you have to increase flexibility, reduce costs, and stay focused on your core business functions.

To stay competitive — and get ahead — in these circumstances, you need Glovia, a comprehensive extended ERP suite that offers all the traditional ERP business applications plus added capabilities including e-commerce, supply chain planning, advanced reporting tools, and multi-language, multi-currency, multi-site support. Glovia incorporates the global resources of the world's second largest technology manufacturer, Fujitsu, with the most experienced, proven manufacturing business solutions in the industry.

Unlike other ERP solutions, which are built around applications such as the General Ledger, Glovia was developed within an operational manufacturing environment. Engineering, Bills of Material, and routing are at the heart of its logic. This unique approach to manufacturing enterprise solutions is one of the keys to our longevity, stability, and success — and the success of our customers.

Glovia helps you manage your supply chain plan and balance the needs of sales, manufacturing, finance and, most importantly, your customers. The system includes both finite and infinite capacity planning solutions to help you develop realistic, achievable schedules. Glovia also provides complete visibility into work-in-progress, analyzes production performance, and tracks costs and other financial commitments. A special cost tracking feature, Program Cost Accounting, gives you the ability to view projects expenses by Project, regardless of fiscal period, and by fiscal period, for one or more projects.

Glovia puts you in control of all aspects of your manufacturing planning, materials management, and production execution and it frees you to improve your products and increasing your profits. Glovia coordinates orders, equipment, facilities, inventory and work-in-progress to optimize production. The solution is especially flexible and facilitates the unique needs of all manufacturing styles — from projects and Engineer-To-Order, to Make-To-Order and High Volume — both individually and in simultaneous mixed modes.

Our solution is a fully integrated enterprise system that lets you change manufacturing modes on demand to meet changing production requirements, including Kanban, Seiban, Just-in-Time, Flow, Lean, and more.

Glovia also includes powerful shop floor functionality that provides valuable real-time feedback regarding progress against the plan.

The versatile solution also helps you lower your inventory levels and minimize material investments without risking customer service. Our enterprise-wide materials management functionality helps you get the right materials to the right place at the right time.

Manufacturers who use Glovia can:

  • Increase resource utilization and reduce manufacturing costs
  • Eliminate production bottlenecks and idle equipment
  • Improve customer service levels through on-time delivery
  • Lower finished goods inventory levels
  • Optimize enterprise-wide production requirements
  • Improve competitiveness by supporting all manufacturing modes
  • Minimize material investments without impacting customer satisfaction

Now more than ever, you need a solution that you can implement, customize, and adapt quickly for fast results. For many of the world's leading manufacturers and most recognized brands, the solution is Glovia.