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Telecommunications Solutions

A Long Distance Plan For Telecommunications Providers

There has probably never been as competitive time in telecommunications as there is right now. From continuous and increasingly complex technological evolution to quantum leaps in customer demands and highly aggressive price wars due to the rapid pace of development, the industry is undergoing massive shifts.

Manufacturers, service providers, and suppliers of telecommunications equipment and infrastructure need an information system technology that enables a telecommunications business to increase profitability and simultaneously streamline business processes and truly enhance customer service.

With precisely this fine balance in mind, we created our extended ERP software suite specifically for telecommunications providers. With over forty years of success in providing state-of-the-art solutions for the manufacturing and telecommunications industries, we fully understand the unique challenges facing your business.

We have designed a solution that enables you to control your entire manufacturing process, provide support throughout an entire product lifecycle, and have instant access to information that is critical to your bottom line.

Glovia is currently deployed at more than 1,000 sites. Glovia meets our customers' requirement for one hundred percent uptime and has excellent scalability and flexibility powers to expand as your business needs grow. Glovia gives you the ability to manage the design and creation of a new product or service offering, forecast to meet demands in a timely and cost-effective manner, and improve customer service response time significantly.

We accomplish this by providing an information systems infrastructure that supports new ways of conducting business, streamlines operations, and is so flexible that you can leverage new technologies — all while improving your bottom line. We assist in developing business models so your company can best serve your customers needs: successfully replace infrastructures, become single source suppliers for all their customer telecommunications needs, and integrate the entire internetworking environment.

The scalable design of Glovia helps you to manage installation projects of any size, including those for multiple locations and equipment suppliers. The Project Resource Planning application module coordinates requirements within the project's delivery schedule as it is designed for both materials and value-added services. With Configuration Management functionality, you can maintain standard, average and actual costs — and simulate costs for analysis and evaluation without affecting current operations.

Glovia, with our long history with the telecommunications industry and combination of innovation and stability from our backing from Fujitsu, is an ideal partner for you to manage your day-to-day operations successfully and to accomplish your overall business goals now and for the long-term.