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    Code Comparison Tools ERP Module

    Designed to report the differences between various source objects in different environments

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    Glovia Solutions

    In a large, complex environment, many functions may be customized over time, whether to provide integration to another product or simply to change a report. For an IT manager it is important to be able to identify how code has changed from environment to environment and whether a service pack or patch may impact their “live” environments. To increase productivity, FUJITSU GLOVIA provides a set of utilities distributed as run-time applications and bundled as “Code Comparison Tools.” These tools are used to report the differences between the various source objects that are contained within a GLOVIA G2 Development environment.

    GLOVIA G2 Code Comparison Tools can be used to compare two different named objects within the same ERP environment, and same or different named objects between two different GLOVIA G2 environments on the same platform, for example, comparing a programming environment to a test environment or comparing an export file to a GLOVIA G2 environment. These powerful comparison tools, working with other application development tools, mean that migration, service pack installation and the management of multiple environments is made easier and more cost effective for the IT department.

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