"GLOVIA G2 is one of the few ERP-class applications that is fully capable of supporting the lean manufacturing paradigm . . . "

– Ted Rohm,
TEC Research Analyst

Differentiators of GLOVIA G2:

  • Scalability
  • Underlying performance
  • Source code delivery
  • Free migration toolkit
  • Lower implementation costs

GLOVIA G2 receives Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) certification for discrete manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

TEC Senior ERP Analyst Ted Rohm finds GLOVIA G2 to be "one of the most robust discrete manufacturing ERP solutions on the market."

View the GLOVIA G2 ERP certification report from TEC.

Business Intelligence

Extended Knowledge: Business Intelligence

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The Knowledge You Need To Run Your Business Effectively

Business intelligence (BI) is a set of theories, methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information.

GLOVIA G2 BI takes the volume of data your organization collects and stores, and turns it into meaningful, actionable information. Easy to integrate, deploy and use, Glovia Business Intelligence delivers a simplified BI environment that improves user adoption, enables better decision-making, and serves as an enterprise-scale foundation for performance management.

Customers now have multiple options from which to select the BI capabilities with which they feel most comfortable:

  • Extended GLOVIA G2 Grids that provide BI capabilities based on real time insight to the performance of your business enabling faster, more informed decisions
  • Optional Microsoft SSRS© BI capability for customers who choose to run on a Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Optional Oracle© BI capability for those who choose to run on an Oracle RDBMS database
  • Or, for those with other preferences, GLOVIA G2 allows for the source and use of any other BI suite.

Reporting is a key capability within Business Intelligence, a single product that provides complete Business Intelligence capabilities on a proven architecture. Reporting gives you access to a complete list of self-serve report types, is adaptable to any data source, and operates from a single metadata layer for a variety of benefits such as multilingual reporting.

Business Intelligence gives you complete reporting coverage including:

Business Dashboards

  • One solution for all enterprise reporting and dashboard requirements
  • Burst personalized reports to multiple locations and in multiple formats
  • Multiple export formats: Excel, PDF, XML, HTML, and CSV
  • Flexible distribution methods: centralized access, email, application integration, MS Office
  • Multilingual capabilities automatically deliver reports in user's working language
  • A single architecture for viewing, querying, analyzing, and authoring for collaborative contributions to any report including dashboards

Advanced authoring capabilities

  • One authoring environment for creating all report types, including dashboards
  • Intuitive and accessible self-service report authoring
  • Integrated queries—one query drawing on multi-vendor data sources—even within a single reporting object
  • Adaptive layout adjusts automatically when objects are added, moved or removed
  • Embed live applications, Web sites, and non-Business Intelligence content within a report
  • Drag-and-drop authoring incorporates data, text, charts, graphs, and images
  • Edit reports with prompts and toolbar commands
  • Interactive visualizations and charting abilities
  • Work with data using familiar business terms
  • Use a variety of charts: cross-tabs, bar/3D bar, pie/doughnut, line, gauge, funnel, scatter, dot density, waterfall, and more
  • Create complex, multi-page layouts using different data sources without programming or workarounds
  • Conditional suppression and automatic calculations