"GLOVIA G2 is one of the few ERP-class applications that is fully capable of supporting the lean manufacturing paradigm . . . "

– Ted Rohm,
TEC Research Analyst

Differentiators of GLOVIA G2:

  • Scalability
  • Underlying performance
  • Source code delivery
  • Free migration toolkit
  • Lower implementation costs

GLOVIA G2 receives Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) certification for discrete manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

TEC Senior ERP Analyst Ted Rohm finds GLOVIA G2 to be "one of the most robust discrete manufacturing ERP solutions on the market."

View the GLOVIA G2 ERP certification report from TEC.

Customer Portal

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Increase customer satisfaction and reduce transaction costs by utilizing the Internet

When it comes to customer service, manufacturers face a paradox: make it as easy as possible for customers to do business, and yet minimize service-related costs.

GLOVIA G2 Customer Portal overcomes this challenge by providing manufacturer's customers with 24/7 direct access to sales quote, sales order and order status information via the Internet. Using the easy-to-use browser interface, the solution also supports advanced inventory replenishment strategies, such as consigned inventory. At the same time, access to information is available for post-sales service.

Customer Portal empowers your customers with timely and accurate information about their quotes, orders and consigned inventory so they never have to wait for a response from your sales or customer service representatives. The solution provides several benefits, including:

  • Improves customer service levels and builds customer loyalty
  • Decreases support center traffic and reduces customer service costs
  • Provides customers with anywhere/anytime access to information
  • Increases revenues by slashing quote-to-order cycle times
  • Improves information visibility and accuracy
  • Validates orders and minimizes downstream errors

Streamline Sales Cycle with Instant and Accurate Sales Quotes

Customer Portal streamlines the sales cycle by enabling customers and prospects to obtain accurate and instant sales quotes through the Internet. The solution also:

  • Generates accurate quotes for standard stock items, standard non-stock items, and non-standard items automatically
  • Records, maintains, and tracks customer sales quote information
  • Supports flexible pricing techniques, including discounting
  • Maintains a history of closed sales quotes for reporting and analysis
  • Provides extensive free-form text areas for customer comments and shipping notes
  • Provides powerful search capabilities to track by quote or item
  • Decreases quotation cycle times by leveraging a library of existing sales quotes

Customer Portal is seamlessly integrated with other GLOVIA G2 modules. This enables you to:

  • Convert sales quotes to sales orders instantly, with order numbers generated automatically
  • Populate forms with data from customer master files to save time and eliminate data entry errors
  • Generate sales quote numbers in real-time, not from batch updates or data transfers
  • Create master customer records instantly when prospects convert quotes to orders

Compress Quote-to-Order Cycle with Comprehensive Order Management

Customer Portal streamlines the order management process including complex pricing, delivery and scheduling issues. The application's "shopping cart" interface simplifies order entry, allowing customers to quickly find the products they need and supporting the entire order process by managing customer order addition and maintenance.

With Customer Portal, you can improve your sales predictability and increase revenues with advanced sales strategies such as product substitution, up-selling and cross-selling. The application simplifies ordering and helps you to close sales quickly and easily. Customer Portal also:

  • Provides instant and accurate pricing, even for complex orders
  • Provides powerful search capabilities for customers to track by quote or item
  • Reduces order entry time with "Quick Add" functionality
  • Decreases order cycle times by leveraging a library of existing sales orders
  • Validates products at the time of ordering
  • Verifies product availability and automatically submits back-orders for out-of-stock items

The seamless integration of Customer Portal with other GLOVIA G2 modules enables you to:

  • Generate sales order numbers instantly, not from batch updates or data transfers
  • Perform credit checks instantly through GLOVIA G2 Accounts Receivable
  • Support product and order configurations with GLOVIA G2 Configurator
  • Support complex scheduling and delivery processes, including drop shipments
  • Support service of your products against your customer's site register yielding the "As maintained" BOM
  • Execute that service using Glovia's Mobile Workplace

Improve Information Visibility with Instant and Accurate Order Status

Customer Portal supports your customers with easy access and up-to-the minute information about their order status. The application allows them to obtain the information they need, whenever they want, without having to wait for your sales or customer service representatives.

  • Provides real-time visibility into order status and allows customers to view data by order and item
  • Enables customers to view and change their account profile
  • Provides access to product catalogs including specifications, photos, drawings and more
  • Enables seamless order tracking from dispatch to invoice

Deliver Value-Added Services with Consigned Inventory

Customer Portal also enables you to deliver value-added services to your customers with powerful consigned inventory functionality. The solution enables you to support advanced inventory replenishment strategies easily while minimizing your financial exposure and keeping your inventories lean. Customer Portal also:

  • Delivers receipt advice to customers for consigned inventory
  • Sends consumption advice to manufacturers for consigned inventory consumed by customers
  • Provides customers with visibility into their consigned inventory, including on-hand and in-transit materials
  • Provides customers with an online history of all consigned inventory transactions