Extended Promises: Customer Management

A Comprehensive Solution To Manage Every Customer Interaction

Every manufacturer wants to forge lasting and profitable relationships with customers, and great service is the key. Given today's cutthroat competition, you need a comprehensive solution to help you manage every customer interaction.

Glovia Customer Management business benefits include:

  • Increased customer loyalty and retention
  • Improved sales force and service productivity and efficiency
  • Increased responsiveness to changing demand
  • Reduced quote-to-delivery cycle times
  • Supports product configuration and customization strategies

Glovia Customer Management helps you manage every customer-facing business process from new customer acquisition and product configuration to order entry and — with Glovia Service Management — post-sales service and support. Our architecture supports real-time order promising and allows customers to configure products, place orders, and check their status using only a web browser.

Glovia Customer Management helps you get the most from your sales force as it manages and automates marketing activities, while tracking leads and prospects. Our solution keeps you informed by compiling accurate sales forecasts, identifying demand trends, analyzing sales history, highlighting product profitability, and measuring the effectiveness of sales promotions and marketing campaigns.

Glovia's solution not only streamlines the creation of sales proposals and sales orders, but it also develops and executes customer contracts. Our solution enables your sales force to develop RFQs quickly and accurately and allows you to configure products that meet your customers' exact needs.