"GLOVIA G2 is one of the few ERP-class applications that is fully capable of supporting the lean manufacturing paradigm . . . "

– Ted Rohm,
TEC Research Analyst

Differentiators of GLOVIA G2:

  • Scalability
  • Underlying performance
  • Source code delivery
  • Free migration toolkit
  • Lower implementation costs

GLOVIA G2 receives Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) certification for discrete manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

TEC Senior ERP Analyst Ted Rohm finds GLOVIA G2 to be "one of the most robust discrete manufacturing ERP solutions on the market."

View the GLOVIA G2 ERP certification report from TEC.

Time & Attendance

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Put a window into your workforce activities

GLOVIA G2 Time & Attendance puts a window into your shop floor and provides you with visibility into the information you need to make better decision. Time & Attendance enables you to improve customer responsiveness, enhance operating efficiency and increase labor productivity. Time & Attendance helps companies manage growth and forecast labor needs by helping them better understand, manage and control labor costs across their enterprise.

Multiple Deployment Opportunities

Time & Attendance can be deployed as either a stand alone product – to collect total worked hours and process payroll calculations – or can be combined with GLOVIA G2 Shop Floor Data Collection to provide time recording throughout the business day and create individual efficiency reports. Through a combination of hard wired and wireless devices, user reporting becomes fast, accurate and immediate. The efficiency of your workforce can be determined instantly, from moment-to-moment check-ups to long-term tactical assessments.


With online monitoring, supervisors have access to total available manpower, critical employee availability and current deployment. Supervisor access allows employee override, control of missed punches, overtime authorization and more.


Time & Attendance has an embedded direct connection to GLOVIA G2 Orders and GLOVIA G2 Projects so that time accrual is online and accurate. Shop Floor Data Collection can also be used with Time & Attendance so that "Clock Out" can automatically book off an order and "Order Start" can create an automatic "Clock-On." Time & Attendance comes with a configurable interface to GLOVIA G2 Capacity Planning and Paychex automated payroll systems. The total payroll data from these systems is easily fed back to GLOVIA G2 General Ledger.


  • Time and absence reporting
  • Labor distribution
  • Supervisor review and approval
  • Email notification
  • Configurable rules and policies
  • Sophisticated pay and time off calculation
  • Overtime, lost time, miscellaneous pay
  • Lunch
  • Temporary badges
  • Buzzers
  • Holidays, vacation
  • Attendance
  • Capacity Planning interface/Paychex interface
  • Employee shift scheduling