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Proven Manufacturing Solution

Visibility, Flexibility, Responsiveness & Control for your Enterprise

Extended ERP — Glovia Solutions

As a manufacturer, your needs have grown more complex and increasingly urgent. You must manage a rapidly growing customized product base. You must respond to customer demands quickly and accurately. You must gain visibility into all your operations and synchronize your supply chain. You must also provide immaculate service. Of course, you must do all this while cutting costs.

Glovia's extended ERP suite can help you accomplish all these goals and more.

With Glovia, you can improve your operations no matter if your business spans the world or only a few time zones. Deployed strategically, our solution scales to meet the enterprise-wide needs of global corporations. Deployed tactically, Glovia becomes a cost-effective platform for managing divisions or individual factories.

Because our clients often have customers, suppliers, and operations around the world, Glovia supports multiple languages, multiple currencies and complex business structures.

Glovia is a proven, comprehensive, integrated, and flexible solution that world class manufacturers use to manage their operations — from product design, sales and procurement, to production, order management and post-sale service.

Extended Expectations — Delivering Comprehensive Value and Results

For more than three decades, Glovia has helped manufacturers around the world to manage, strengthen, and grow their businesses. We designed our solution to deliver tremendous value to our customers — stressing rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership.

Essential Glovia business benefits include:

Enterprise-Wide Visibility

Glovia provides you with true supply chain transparency as it eliminates information silos, integrates systems and business processes, and links you to your customers and suppliers.

Unmatched Flexibility

Glovia supports your business, no matter what your industry or manufacturing mode, without forcing you to change your business processes — Glovia is an investment in your future.

Real-time Responsiveness

Glovia slashes order-to-fulfillment cycle times and helps you get the right product to the customer at the right time, place and price.

Improved Efficiency

Glovia helps you reduce costs as it effectively eliminates excess inventories, boosts productivity and manages resources.

Extended Experience — Glovia's Deep Heritage

Glovia, with more than 40 years of world-class manufacturing experience embedded inside our product, is unique among all ERP providers. Our original solution — Chess — was created by Xerox to run its own manufacturing facilities, and our current solution is still the only one developed by manufacturers, for manufacturers. Now a part of Fujitsu, Glovia continues to benefit from unique manufacturing insight — Glovia now runs more than 30 Fujitsu production plants around the world.

Created by Manufacturers for Manufacturers

From the very beginning, we studied what manufacturers needed to support their operations and designed a solution that met those needs.

Manufacturers needed a solution to manage their core business, so we put products and production at the heart of Glovia. They needed a solution to support all their operations, so we made Glovia flexible enough to handle a wide range of manufacturing styles and strategies. They needed a solution dynamic enough to respond to intense change, so we built Glovia on a real-time database.

Production as the Foundation

Manufacturers need a solution that supports their core business processes: manages product definitions and configurations; tracks materials and inventory; coordinates labor and resources; fulfills orders; and synchronizes operations.

Instead of the general ledger, we made products and production the foundation of Glovia, to help you manage and improve the processes that truly impact the profitability of your business, not just record the financial outcomes.

Operational Flexibility

We anticipated your need to be flexible, so we designed Glovia to change as your business changes. Whether you need to support a new product or new business strategy, Glovia works out of the box and never boxes you in.

You need to run multiple manufacturing environments simultaneously, so we designed Glovia to support the entire spectrum of manufacturing modes with a single installation and one set of data: Project-based, Engineer-to-Order, Make-to-Order, Configure-to-Order, Make-to-Stock, High Volume/Repetitive, and Mixed Mode.

We also added capabilities to support popular manufacturing strategies such as Lean, Kanban, Seiban, and Just-in-Time as well as specialized functionality for the unique needs of the Automotive, Capital Equipment and Electronics industries among others.

Real-time Responsiveness

Manufacturing is a dynamic environment where changes constantly occur. Since your customers will not wait for you, you should not have to wait for your ERP system.

We built Glovia on a real-time database to support today's real-time businesses. Our solution tracks activities as they happen: orders placed, materials consumed, supplies delivered, and shipments sent. With Glovia, you know what you see on screen is what is happening right now, so you can make informed decisions.

Extending Boundaries — Extended ERP for Modern Manufacturers

Glovia is the next-generation of enterprise solutions: Extended ERP. Extended ERP addresses the pressing business issues that manufacturers face today such as the coordination of global supply chains, management of complex product lifecycles, and growth of profitable service offerings.

Glovia provides manufacturers with advanced capabilities to manage and improve their entire business — from product design, procurement, planning and manufacturing to sales, fulfillment, installation and support.

Our solution streamlines operations within the four walls and beyond, integrates disparate internal systems, eliminates functional silos, and brings you closer to your customers and suppliers.

The advantages for you are enormous.

For example, you can respond quickly and accurately to customer demands, compress cycle times and information flow throughout the supply chain, transform the business into a lean organization, and allow demand to trigger production and procurement.

Naturally, all of these benefits eliminate costs while they improve your standing with customers and against competition.

Glovia's extended ERP suite includes more than 70 seamlessly integrated modules that allow you to run and refine your key business processes.