Extended Demand: Manufacturing Management

Comprehensive Solutions for Materials Management and Production Planning

The factory floor is the center of your supply chain where customer demands, production resources and supply shipments meet-and sometimes clash. Orders change, supply deliveries are missed and machines break, making matters even worse.

Glovia Manufacturing Management business benefits include:

  • Increased visibility and operational control
  • Reduced finished goods and work-in-progress inventories
  • Increased resource utilization and lowered manufacturing costs
  • Reduced production bottlenecks and idle equipment
  • Improved on-time delivery performance

One thing is for sure: You need strength and flexibility.

Glovia Manufacturing Management gives you the control you need over all aspects of production planning and materials management so you can focus each day on increasing profits.

Our flexible solution supports the entire spectrum of manufacturing styles-from High Volume to Engineer-to-Order-and coordinates orders, equipment, facilities, inventory, and work-in-progress to minimize costs and maximize on-time delivery. The solution includes powerful shop floor functionality to track and manage each step of the manufacturing process.

Glovia Manufacturing Management translates your supply chain plan into an achievable production plan that balances the needs of sales, manufacturing, finance, and your customers. Glovia Manufacturing also includes both finite and infinite capacity planning capabilities that help you develop realistic schedules.

Our manufacturing heritage provides us with true insights into your needs. Glovia Manufacturing Management helps you succeed by providing more visibility, flexibility, and control to make you highly responsive, integrated, and lean. You can deploy our solution strategically to manage a stand-alone company, an entire global business, or tactically to run a division or factory.

Our customers often have customers, suppliers and operations that span the globe. Glovia supports multiple languages, currencies and complex business structures, so you can manage your enterprise around the clock, and around the world — with a single, integrated solution.