"GLOVIA G2 is one of the few ERP-class applications that is fully capable of supporting the lean manufacturing paradigm . . . "

– Ted Rohm,
TEC Research Analyst

Differentiators of GLOVIA G2:

  • Scalability
  • Underlying performance
  • Source code delivery
  • Free migration toolkit
  • Lower implementation costs

GLOVIA G2 receives Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) certification for discrete manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

TEC Senior ERP Analyst Ted Rohm finds GLOVIA G2 to be "one of the most robust discrete manufacturing ERP solutions on the market."

View the GLOVIA G2 ERP certification report from TEC.


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Quote, sell and deliver complex, configured products with ease

Many manufacturers, driven by increased customer service, mass customization and lean manufacturing, are transitioning their operations from Make-to-Stock to Make-to-Order. They are also looking for ways to reduce sales costs, slash sales cycle times and increase order accuracy. To achieve these objectives, manufacturers need a solution that can customize products according to customer specifications.

GLOVIA G2 Configurator is a powerful, web-based product that enables you and your customers to create accurate sales quotes and sales orders for Make-to-Order, Assemble-to-Order and Configure-to-Order products quickly and easily. Configurator is seamlessly integrated with GLOVIA G2 and has a flexible, rules-based configuration engine.

GLOVIA G2 Configurator delivers substantial benefits, including:

  • Eliminating sales quote and sales order entry errors
  • Decreasing quote development cycle times
  • Reducing cost of sales
  • Increasing order and pricing accuracy
  • Compressing Quote-to-Order cycle times
  • Estimating costly rework
  • Increasing customer satisfaction levels

Improve Sales Quote and Order Process

GLOVIA G2 Configurator allows you to improve your entire Quote-to-Order business process significantly. When your customers select a configurable product within GLOVIA G2 Customer Portal, Sales Quotes or Sales Orders, a powerful rules-based configuration engine is launched.

Whether your product requires complex calculations and rules or you simply need to guide your customers through the selection of various models, features and options, the GLOVIA G2 Configurator engine will make the process simple and easy to use.

After the product has been fully configured, Configurator automatically creates an individual Bill of Materials and routing for the new item, which is sent to other GLOVIA G2 modules for execution.

GLOVIA G2 Configurator features powerful sales quote and sales order functionality including:

  • User defined data entry screens and controls
  • Complete support for complex, multi-level product configurations
  • Ability to produce estimates at project, quote, line-item, or sub-line levels
  • Full version control at all quote levels
  • Support for both cost-based and feature-based pricing scenarios
  • Real-time product configuration validation
  • Ability to mix configured and non-configured items
  • Full product selection as well as guided selling capabilities
  • 24/7 access via the internet

Quickly Guide Customers to the Right Product

For some manufacturers, the biggest challenge may not be product configuration. The biggest challenge may actually be how to help their customers find the right product. With a conventional catalog-based system, your customers face a time-consuming and frustrating search for the product they need which often forces them to use cumbersome item numbers, descriptions or product codes.

Configurator quickly guides your customers to the product they need using a query/response mechanism and an intuitive graphical interface. Your customers simply answer a series of questions or select images of the product they are looking for and the application rapidly guides them to the right product. Configurator helps you improve your customer service levels, while simultaneously increasing quote and order accuracy.

Increase Responsiveness and Slash Cycle Times

Configurator allows you to increase your responsiveness by compressing Quote-to-Delivery cycle times for customized products. By guiding customers through the configuration process, the application ensures that accurate product specifications and pricing information are captured the first time around and that your customers have all the information they need to make a purchasing decision quickly.

Seamless Integration

To completely automate the sales process, Configurator is seamlessly integrated with other GLOVIA G2 application including, Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, and Customer Portal. The application automatically generates and transfers configured product structure, pricing, and routing information to other GLOVIA G2 applications for execution.