Extend Orders: Supply Chain Management

Keep Promises By Synchronizing Supply With Demand

To be competitive, manufacturers must look beyond their individual manufacturing plants to synchronize global supply with global demand. They need to allocate finite resources and capacity properly, manage costs, and ensure on-time delivery — and yet adapt to constantly changing customer demands.

Glovia Supply Chain Management business benefits include:

  • Reduced costs and lowered inventory levels
  • Increased visibility and responsiveness to changing demand or supply
  • Improved customer service through accurate, real-time order promising
  • Reduced order-to-delivery cycle times

Glovia Supply Chain Management is a comprehensive solution that helps manufacturers manage their global supply chains effectively. Through a Forecasting module, the solution analyzes histories and recent demand trends and then allows you to forecast by week or month and to divide product-demand history into smaller, more homogeneous demand streams. Final forecasts are then transferred to the master production schedule.

The solution then creates a detailed, constraint-based plan that synchronizes enterprise-wide demand with current plant conditions, while respecting strategic business objectives such as cost and customer service. Glovia Supply Chain Management supports real-time order promising, including both Available- and Capable-to-Promise, and improves order management and fulfillment by matching demand with available global supply.

Through sophisticated "what if" modeling capabilities, our real-time planning solutions help you determine the best way to meet demand, whether for your entire business or an individual factory. The solution provides you with the flexibility you need to react quickly to changes such as rush orders, unplanned maintenance, or other production disruptions.