Application Development Tools

Easy to use, SuperLayer is an application development environment that dramatically lowers the cost of program maintenance and provides you with all the benefits of rapid maintenance and development that you have come to expect from today's leading fourth generation languages (4GLs).

Unlike most 4GLs and database products, which resort to 3GL coding for complex routines, with SuperLayer, large and complex transactions can be built quickly because the developer uses pre-coded and pre-tested routines. Essential templates are already coded. There are four basic application templates: screens, menus, reports and updates.

The inherent kernel structure of SuperLayer provides another asset particularly important in rapidly changing applications environment – portability. Applications created with GLOVIA VM are hardware, operating system, and database independent. They can be ported to a wide range of mainframe, mid-range, and PC hardware platforms, operating systems and database environments without changing the fundamental application.

The power behind GLOVIA VM SuperLayer comes from the power in the kernel. It is a dynamic object-oriented repository that provides for the linking of pre-coded modules to produce an unlimited variety of business solutions. These 250 modules not only permit developers to create applications more than 20 times faster than conventional languages, but they ensure consistent structure and ease of maintenance from the simplest read-writes to the most complex window management and scrolling routines. All routines are pre-tested and error free resulting in higher quality development.