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    2015 MICHauto Summit

    Hosting automotive industry’s foremost leaders and thinkers

    Detroit, MI


    Join GLOVIA G2 and some of the automotive industry’s foremost leaders and thinkers at the COBO Center for the Michigan automotive and mobility industry statewide event, the 2015 MICHauto Summit. This year’s Summit will be held in conjunction with the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) Global Symposium on Connected Vehicles and Infrastructure.

    The theme also follows the recent launch of the Michigan Mobility Initiative. Announced at the 2015 Mackinac Policy Conference, the new initiative brings together a wide coalition of stakeholders, including the Michigan Economic Development Corp., MICHauto, Business Leaders for Michigan, Michigan Department of Transportation and the University Research Corridor, to ensure the state is the global leader in next-generation mobility.

    Fujitsu Glovia will display its GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP software at the show. GLOVIA G2 builds on more than 40 years of domain experience in the development of comprehensive manufacturing ERP systems for automotive, aerospace and defense, electronics, telecommunications, capital equipment and high-volume manufacturers. GLOVIA G2 is well known for its depth of functionality and lower cost-of-ownership.

    This extended ERP system offers complete product, customer, supplier and business management functions, with more than 70 ERP software modules that can be implemented individually in conjunction with other existing business software or as a complete end-to-end solution.

    With the name Fujitsu behind this product, GLOVIA G2 offers the best ERP solution for discrete manufacturers worldwide.

    Register here, and we look forward to seeing you! Come say hello!

    ERP Success Stories

    Manufacturers in varied industries around the world rely on Fujitsu Glovia to provide flexible, reliable and affordable solutions to manage their operations.

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