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    2019 Glovia Customer Education Event

    Training sessions demonstrating Glovia solutions to optimize your business processes

    New Orleans, LA

    The Hotel Link Is Now Available for Glovia’s Customer Education Event this April 2019! Reserve Your Room Today.

    The event will be held Monday, April 29th and Tuesday, April 30th in New Orleans, LA at the J.W. Marriott New Orleans, 614 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130.

    Fujitsu Glovia Consultants will conduct training sessions demonstrating Glovia solutions to optimize your business processes on the following topics ::


    • The visibility and benefits that the Lot/Serial Trace capabilities can provide.
        • Multi-level visibility of As Is, As was and As manufactured
        • Repair/replace/rev-up decisions enabled thru Trace information
      • Multi-level Where used and recall enablement.
      • Leveraging Trace information as part of a Powerful integrated solution
          • Sales, Warranty tracking, Call Center enablement and service/repair support.
        • Hire Equipment management and tracking
      • Minimizing the effort required to create accurate Lot/Serial Trace records
          • Back-flushing
        • Commit without Serial #.
    • Q&A



      • Customer Releasing enhancements at v.3.5
      • RP Schedule enhancements at v.3.5
      • Planning Enhancements at v.3.5
      • Shop Floor Dispatch List
      • Integration with EDIBAR and E-RMS
      • EKB
    • Q&A


    Factory Planning

      • Overview of Factory Planning capability and Glovia integration
      • Demonstration of FP scheduling process and outputs
      • Demonstrate APS integration of Work Orders and Repetitive Schedules
      • Demonstrate MPS/MRP integration
      • Demonstrate PRP/Seiban Integration
    • Demonstrate Capable to Promise


    Sales 101

    • Pricing 
    • Sales Quote 
    • Conversion
    • Sales Order
    • Commit 
    • Quick Ship 
    • Q & A


    Purchasing 101 – Quote to Pay

      • Creating and Submitting the RFQ (Request for Quotation)
      • Maintaining RFQ Responses as a Supplier Quote
      • Automatic Supplier Price List and Costing Updates
      • Converting Supplier Quote to a New PO
    • PO Approval
      • PO Receipt; Unvouchered Receipts
      • AP Invoice Entry
      • AP Vouchering
    • AP Check Processing


    Ad-Hoc Grids

      • Focus on our Ad-Hoc Starter Kit  
      • What makes up the kit (Database use of “Views”)
      • Provides a means of not having to know all of the database schema rules for Glovia functions and queries
    • Includes ad-hoc grids for import – that take advantage of such database object use of “Views”


    Technical Topology

      • What do I need all these servers for? 
      • This will be a short introduction to a typical topology of a Glovia.com and G2 setup. 
    • This discussion will include typical servers for both Glovia and Third Party products as well as discussions related to common problems that may occur between these environments. 


    General Ledger

      • Alternate GL
          • Data set up 
          • Demonstrate postings between GLs 
        • Demonstrate balances between GLs
      • Maintain and Perform GL Consolidation and Reversal 
          • Consolidation maintenance and set-up
          • Perform Consolidation
        • Consolidation reversal 
      • GL Report Writer, show one set up with a print to excel in G2 Web
          • Show GL Report Writer Set-up
          • Row Selection
          • Column Set-up
          • Filters
        • Print to Excel
    • Q & A


    Connectivity, Web Services, XML, CCN to CCN Automatic Ordering

      • How do I talk to Glovia? 
        • This will be an introduction to some common integration methods into the Glovia and G2 environments including the XML Framework and the new SOA Web Services.  
      • Other topics including integration via the Business to Business tables will also be discussed. 
    • Some example code will be shown using Programming Language of “C#” to show a possible integration to our environment and the process in which to engage professional services for custom Web Services will also be discussed.  


    Glovia Setup for Engineering and Item Setup (Todd Furniss)

    Why proper item set-up matters to Glovia ERP performance and relationship to Factory Planning results? 

     An Integrated business model – 

      • Understanding Items
      • Understanding Lead Times
      • Understanding Quantity Settings
      • Analyst Code
      • Order Policy/Delivery Policy
      • Bills of Materials Details
      • Routings Details
    • Impact to CTP and ATP for customer service


    Manufacturing Styles and Types

      • What do the concepts of “Make to Order” and “Make to Stock” mean in Glovia?
      •  How does the choice of Manufacturing Modules impact the Glovia operations environment?
      • Make to Stock vs. Make to Order
      • The difference between Make to Order and Lean (zero inventory)
      • Using RP “Repetitive” Schedules
      • Using Work Orders
    • Demand Pegging


    Security Manager and License Manager

      • What do I do with this license file?  How do I secure Glovia?  
      • We will start this discussion with a general overview of License Manager and the general process of requesting and receiving keys. 
      • This will include the process of getting a Site ID as well as Key installation after the key has been received on both UNIX/Linux and Windows. 
      • After the license manager discussion, there will be a general discussion of Security Manager
    • including how roles are setup and how you assign users to roles.  Various concepts such as how users can be assigned roles and security temporarily will also be introduced. 

    And a special presentation on Artificial Intelligence, presented by Fujitsu Intelligence Technology.

    Thank you and we look forward to seeing you!

    The deadline to make your reservations is Friday, April 5, 2019.

    Please contact your Customer Service Rep for more info.

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