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    Automotive ERP Software

    Our product will suit your industry's needs. Let us show you how.


    As a manufacturer in the automotive industry, your needs have grown more complex and increasingly urgent. You must manage a rapidly growing product base. You must respond to customer demands quickly and accurately. You must gain visibility into all your operations and synchronize your supply chain. You must also provide immaculate service.

    The automotive industry is experiencing changes like no other. Gasoline to electric engines, user/driver features to self-driven automobiles (smart cars) and so on. Research being done creating and supporting these changes is greater than ever before. Regardless of the ‘Tier’ within the supply chain, auto manufacturers must be responsive to these changes.

    Globalization and regulations are also impacting your operations in an increasing way. While globalization may provide opportunities to expand your supplier base it also increases your competition. Technology is enabling product and manufacturing process enhancements. Visibility of recalls makes customers leery, resulting in greater need for perfect quality. Because your product is considered consumer goods, the expectations put on you and your product quite often appear unrealistic. At the same time, aside from everything else your customers want, they want it at an increasingly less expensive price.

    Glovia’s extended ERP suite can help you achieve these objectives efficiently and cost effectively by enabling you to select from more than 70 modules to fit your manufacturing operating environment, many of which are designed exclusively for the automotive industry.

    Glovia has successfully obtained approval from Honda of America Manufacturing for our EDI and automotive shipping software, a very rare distinction among ERP providers.

    We have worked closely over many years with top automotive suppliers to develop these capabilities to support the industry as it has evolved. Our customers use GLOVIA G2 to achieve critical operational advantages, especially reduced product and delivery lead times, and to reach target goals of greater and greater profitability.

    The flexibility and adaptability of GLOVIA G2 will allow you to manage and improve every aspect of your business with one proven solution to meet today’s business needs and to support your system needs as your company, products and industry grow and change.

    We welcome the opportunity to discuss your business issues with you and our potential solutions to those issues.

    ERP Success Stories

    Manufacturers in varied industries around the world rely on Fujitsu Glovia to provide flexible, reliable and affordable solutions to manage their operations.

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