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    Blog Series #3 :: GLOVIA G2 :: Where to Start with our ERP System

    Our Manufacturing Management solution accommodates the full spectrum of manufacturing styles.

    Fujitsu Glovia’s more than 70 ERP software modules work together to streamline your manufacturing operations. Following up on our previous blog about our Manufacturing Management Kit, we’d like to continue with the second half of the Manufacturing Management Base Modules, which include Repetitive Manufacturing, Shop Floor Control, Inventory, and Physical Inventory.

    These GLOVIA G2 manufacturing management software modules work together to increase visibility, flexibility and control of your business. Maintaining a continuous manufacturing flow through repetition and inventory with total insight is crucial to the success of your manufacturing operation.


    Repetitive Manufacturing ::

    The GLOVIA G2 Repetitive Manufacturing module provides the flexibility needed to schedule, manage and control production in a high-volume or continuous-flow manufacturing environment.

    Repetitive production schedules can be adjusted as often as necessary and with minimal user intervention. This production management software makes the entire process more efficient by taking intervening factors into account, such as fluctuations in production capacity and changes in demand patterns.

    Mass Customization

    The Repetitive Manufacturing module enables you to tailor product configurations as needed to respond to current production conditions or to meet unique customer requirements. Schedules allow a unique bill of materials and routing for each part being manufactured. The manufacturing management system automatically uses the current version in effect, or you can perform an online override and create a modified version of the current bill of material and routing.

    Work-in-Process Financial Visibility

    Repetitive Manufacturing enhances the visibility into your current production investment. Each schedule can provide an online valuation of value-added costs for material, labor, machine, overhead, and outside processing operations.


    Shop Floor Control

    The next production management software module we’d like to introduce is Shop Floor Control. GLOVIA G2 Shop Floor Control provides the latest shop floor information along with a set of easy-to-use tools for achieving maximum productivity.

    Closed-Loop Feedback

    The closed-loop process incorporates the tracking and feedback of actual shop floor activity. The successful execution of your master production schedule and material requirements planning depends on rapid and accurate dispatch of daily production schedules, and Shop Floor Control is designed to integrate these tasks fully.

    Visibility and Empowerment

    Shop Floor Control provides easy-to-use transactions for reporting work order operation completions and quantities of items produced. Shop status enhances visibility of the current work-in-process.

    Schedules and workflows can be tailored to best match the people and machines available at each work center. This helps to optimize schedules and anticipate needs for critical resources, while enabling factory floor workers to actively contribute to the success of the production plan.

    Improved Shop Floor Control

    • View all production jobs by work center
    • Select workload by date range and shift
    • Update operation completions
    • Report completions by quantity or percentage

    Work Order Dispatching

    • View selected work order lines
    • Display part numbers and order quantities
    • Display and update work order operations
    • Review scheduled operation start and end dates


    Inventory Management

    GLOVIA G2’s Inventory Management software module offers integrated, interactive management of all your inventories, including physical stock room, in-transit, consigned and others.

    Dynamic Stock Status

    Because of the constant and perpetual inventory activity within an enterprise, the ability to track inventory movement is critical. GLOVIA G2’s Inventory Management software module manages and provides full visibility of all material movement within your company, warehouse or location, as well as between your locations, both domestic and international.

    Dock-to-Stock Material Flow

    Upon reaching the receiving dock, incoming materials should flow smoothly through receiving and inspection. During this dock-to-stock process, you need visibility of the material’s status, its current whereabouts and its final destination. The Inventory Management software module enables you to preset and automatically direct movement through the required steps and locations.

    Units-of-Measure, Conversion Scalars and Decimal Precision

    Inventory Management enables manufacturers to buy, stock and sell products in different units of measure. For example, you may buy material in rolls and stock it in feet. You can build and stock products for inventory as individual units or sell them in packages. This feature lets you conduct business with suppliers and customers on their terms while maintaining inventory on yours.

    Lot and Serial Traceability

    The Inventory Management module maintains the history of all activities for a specific lot number. Serial control may also be used to identify and track critical goods uniquely.



    Physical Inventory

    The last module in our Manufacturing Management kit, Physical Inventory, provides an automated process for inventory counting that delivers accurate and up-to-date inventory information.

    Flexible Cycle Counting

    The Physical Inventory software module offers flexible cycle counting with comprehensive, enterprise-wide inventory counts or fewer items with greater frequency. The system dynamically highlights items for cycle counts based on user-specific criteria.

    Accurate Inventory

    Accurate inventory quantities are essential for effective planning and control of your production and distribution processes. The Physical Inventory module helps your company manage this necessary counting and reconciliation process efficiently with minimum disruption.

    Inventory Count and Recount

    • Unlimited recounts permitted
    • Original quantity retained for audit
    • Automatic recounting requirement can be invoked based tolerances


    With more than 45 years supporting the manufacturing industry, Fujitsu Glovia’s legacy has enabled us to create a suite of ERP modules that successfully manage a stand-alone company, an entire global business or a specific division or factory. The GLOVIA G2 Manufacturing Management software helps you succeed by providing more visibility, flexibility, and control to make your business highly responsive, integrated, and lean.

    As a manufacturing ERP solution designed to manage global enterprises, GLOVIA G2 supports multiple languages, currencies and complex business structures, so you can manage your enterprise around the clock, and around the world — with a single, integrated ERP solution.

    Contact FUJITSU GLOVIA for more information about our manufacturing ERP software and solutions or to request an online demo.

    ERP Success Stories

    Manufacturers in varied industries around the world rely on Fujitsu Glovia to provide flexible, reliable and affordable solutions to manage their operations.

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