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GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP software helps automotive suppliers improve customer delivery times, cut overhead & achieve other important business goals.

The automotive industry continues to challenge suppliers with growing demands for improved quality, just-in-time delivery and quick turn-arounds on order changes. Increasing levels of global competition, customer requirements, costs and supply chain complexity only further complicate matters.

Automotive suppliers must master many tasks to remain competitive in this ever-changing environment. Deploying lean manufacturing practices, boosting responsiveness and decreasing waste, among other strategies, all present opportunities for suppliers to hone their competitive edge.

Backed by our years of expertise with the automotive industry, GLOVIA G2 provides proven resources to take advantage of those opportunities and to take control of your complete manufacturing process. GLOVIA G2 supports the way you do business, including communicating via EDI with both your customers and vendors via the middleware of your choice. Our solution allows you to remain in touch seamlessly throughout your entire supply chain to the final product delivery.

Built-In Flexibility

System flexibility is built into all GLOVIA G2 modules to ensure your needs – and those of your customers – are met on time and on budget. Examples of modules that our automotive customers have come to rely on include:

Customer Releasing designed specifically for the automotive industry, offers features like model year contract management, tracking of cumulative firm and forecasted quantities, releases, containers and ASN’s while integrating with all leading EDI message-handling providers.

Asset Lifecycle Management allows you to schedule, plan and execute the maintenance of your enterprise assets (manufacturing plant, infrastructure and facilities assets) whether planned or unplanned.

Engineering Change enables status tracking/history and change impact analysis and allows you to execute specific changes, group changes or mass changes for all areas affected by the ECN.

Tool and Gauge is a fully integrated supporting application to Work Orders and Repetitive Manufacturing that provides for the movement, usage, calibration, and reorder requirements of tooling used in the manufacturing process.

Kanban supports JIT and Lean Manufacturing pull principles via material and production Kanbans to avoid overproduction and minimize waste.

Master Production Scheduling provides a set of powerful software tools for material and resource planning, analysis and performance measurement with unlimited planning scenarios available in hours, minutes and seconds.

Repetitive Manufacturing is ideally suited for high volume or continuous flow schedules with stable production rates and can be configured to support push or pull techniques for work center inventories.

Quality Management provides tools to quickly and easily track and control quality assurance goals and results for purchased and manufactured items with additional features for handling rejected material, returns and Supplier Performance.

Shop Floor Dispatch provides a visual, “one-stop” tool for managing and recording production and inspection activities, offering individualized production dispatch lists for machines and staff that exactly meet your business needs.

Supplier Releasing allows you to easily manage model year supplier contracts, releases, ASN’s and receipts across all your suppliers, thanks to our compatibility with all leading forms of EDI.

Factory Planning features a highly visual memory resident Advanced Planning System that simultaneously considers machine, labor, inventory, tooling and skills constraints to generate an optimized production plan.

Proven Results

After incorporating GLOVIA G2 modules, our automotive clients have reported:

  • Reduced shipping errors
  • Shortened physical inventory cycle times
  • Increased customer on-time delivery
  • Decreased overtime
  • Reduced overhead
  • Improved profit margins

Read these case studies to learn more about the real-world automotive applications for GLOVIA G2:

Our professionals have the expertise and experience to help you take full advantage of GLOVIA G2’s benefits.

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