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Leading electronics manufacturing rely on GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP software to boost productivity & increase responsiveness.

Providing the Speed and Agility Required by Electronics Manufacturing Applications

The speed of change in today’s electronics industry is unprecedented.

Combined with the competition from emerging markets, the demand to deliver new products quickly and efficiently presents tough challenges for electronics manufacturers. Getting new products to market requires a level of agility, coordination and attention to detail that can be difficult to maintain.

Backed by Fujitsu, one the world’s largest electronics manufacturers, Glovia understands the pressures faced by the electronics industry, and our GLOVIA G2 ERP software provides specific solutions for those challenges.

For instance, a product known by one marketing name may require different components depending on the market it’s destined for.

GLOVIA G2 allows for multiple BOM for the same market item, taking into account individual demands while maintaining an overall record for the product.

Revision control is another area where GLOVIA G2 stands out. Keeping track of serial and lot numbers behind the scenes, our manufacturing ERP software can return information on what was built, when it was built and where it was shipped to.

On the factory floor, GLOVIA G2 even allows operators to call up stored videos for on-the-spot training as needed.

ERP Functionality Ideally Suited for Electronics

GLOVIA G2 modules that are particularly useful to the electronics industry include:

Costing – manages costs down to the operational level, allowing you to know exactly where your margins are

Electronic Kanban – monitors floor stock in real time, automatically re-ordering components as triggers are hit

Master Production Scheduling (MPS) – provides a powerful set of tools for material and resource planning, analysis, and performance measurement. MPS with inventory allows purchasing to be set for inventory at the factory level

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) – integrated with live inventories, work orders, projects, and sales and purchase orders to ensure that the latest information is always considered. Not only can it plan activity to the minute level it can also automatically plan substitute parts where applicable

Repetitive Manufacturing – sets one repetitive manufacturing schedule to keep the job rolling and producing components

Supply Chain Planning – maximizes production by identifying exactly where to place orders

Factory Planning – Once the manufacturing location has been selected and FP can take over with the scheduling of machines, people, crews, tooling and material to ensure that product is shipped on time

GLOVIA G2 is used for a wide range of electronics applications, including:

  • Gaming devices
  • Disc drives
  • Personal computer motherboards
  • Car stereo system
  • Automotive engine control units

Opportunities for Operational Improvement

The real-life experiences afforded by the GLOVIA G2 installations throughout Fujitsu’s operations lend important insights into the role that our manufacturing ERP software can play in the electronics industry.

GLOVIA G2 is designed to provide real-time transactions – whenever you place an inquiry, you’re seeing the most recent events as they occur.

Our software also allows electronics manufacturers to:

  • Streamline and automate business processes
  • Integrate and manage operations
  • Cut costs and reduce inventory
  • Boost productivity
  • Improve responsiveness

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