FUJITSU GLOVIA, INC. Develops Hybrid ERP Strategy For Manufacturers Using SAP

Economical and Easy-to-Implement GLOVIA G2 Software Offers Ability to Make Faster Production Line Changes, Ramp Up New Plants Without Need for SAP Retrofits

EL SEGUNDO, CALIF. (May 23, 2017) – FUJITSU GLOVIA, INC. has developed a hybrid ERP strategy that enables manufacturers to more quickly, easily and inexpensively make production line changes, expand manufacturing capabilities, add new facilities or implement Lean Manufacturing while continuing to benefit from the operational strengths of their SAP ERP systems.

The El Segundo company’s GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP software has been designed to be fully SAP-compatible, providing manufacturers the opportunity to incorporate a system with superior manufacturing ERP capabilities without disrupting corporate use of SAP for financial and human resource functions.

“This solution is ideally suited for organizations with multiple facilities and varied operations, where time to market is such a critical factor in the implementation of various business changes,” said Jim Errington, Executive Vice President of Sales and Service for FUJITSU GLOVIA. “The ease with which GLOVIA G2 can be incorporated in a manufacturing operation can cut implementation time from years to months compared to SAP.”

While many large, multi-facility companies view SAP as a one-stop ERP solution, the system can add tremendous cost and blow up the intended timetable when companies find opportunities to grow or change their business. At the same time, SAP, which was originally launched to manage financial operations, lacks the domain expertise of ERP systems, like GLOVIA G2, that were specifically built for manufacturing operations.

“Implementing GLOVIA G2 enables companies to take advantage of GLOVIA G2’s superior manufacturing ERP capabilities in manufacturing workflow, sequencing, optimization, traceability and pegging,” Errington said. “This solution serves small-to-large companies in a variety of discrete manufacturing industries, including automotive, aerospace & defense, capital equipment, electronics, engineer-to-order/make-to-order, telecommunications and high-volume manufacturing.”

Benefits of a SAP GLOVIA G2 Hybrid ERP System

GLOVIA G2 offers a number of advantages that make it an ideal manufacturing ERP solution paired with Corporate SAP applications:

  • Full integration of SAP modules
  • Lower cost of ownership, including licensing, implementation and maintenance cost savings
  • Easy to implement – weeks or months to implement vs. years for SAP
  • Extensive manufacturing operations expertise, especially in Lean Manufacturing, using Kanban, Seiban or other Lean systems
  • Specialized industry-specific modules for ETO/MTO and automotive companies and suppliers

The cost and time benefits of GLOVIA G2 are of special merit when companies must undergo significant changes to their manufacturing operations. Designed from the ground up to support and manage manufacturing businesses, GLOVIA G2 provides:

  • Enterprise-wide visibility, with true supply chain transparency, eliminating information silos; a full-set of ERP modules integrating systems and business processes, linking companies to both their customers and suppliers
  • Unmatched flexibility, supporting manufacturing businesses without forcing changes to their business processes
  • Real-time responsiveness, slashing order-to-fulfillment cycle times and getting the right product to the right customer at the right place, time and price
  • Improved efficiency, reducing cost while eliminating excess inventories, boosting productivity and managing resources

Implementing GLOVIA G2 in concert with an existing Corporate SAP ERP enables manufacturers to avoid significant SAP change costs with completion of business process changes in a fraction of the time.

When to Consider an SAP GLOVIA G2 Hybrid ERP Approach

  • Factory production line changes will require a time-consuming and expensive retrofit of SAP modules
  • Implementing Lean Manufacturing, Kanban or Seiban
  • Seeking a low-risk solution for very complicated problems
  • Adding manufacturing ERP capabilities to multiple facilities
  • Starting up a new manufacturing facility

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Founded in 1970 as Xerox Computer Services, FUJITSU GLOVIA, INC. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Ltd. in 2000. Its GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP software was first launched in 1990 as Xerox Chess and the next generation version was released as GLOVIA G2 in 2010. FUJITSU GLOVIA is one of the few manufacturing ERP providers offering solutions in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), China and Japan. Its more than 1,000 customers include small, medium and large companies in the automotive, aerospace and defense, and electronics industries, as well as related Tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers.

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