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    GLOVIA G2 Hosted ERP

    FUJITSU GLOVIA offers the full functionality of its GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP software as a fully-mobile, hosted ERP software solution that makes enterprise resource planning very affordable for small-to-large manufacturers in a variety of industrial markets.

    Like the on-premise version of GLOVIA G2, this web-based ERP solution provides a robust answer to companies seeking a powerful enterprise resource planning system.

    GLOVIA G2 supports our customers’ business, no matter which industry or manufacturing mode, without forcing changes to business processes. This hosted manufacturing ERP solution provides oversight and control of every business function, including LEAN manufacturing, product development, supply chain, operational control, delivery and customer retention.

    Benefits of using the GLOVIA G2 hosted manufacturing ERP include:

    • Enterprise-wide visibility – GLOVIA G2 provides true supply chain transparency as it eliminates information silos, integrates systems and business processes, and links users to their customers and suppliers.
    • Unmatched flexibility – This web-based manufacturing ERP system fully supports the customer’s business, and can accommodate any changes over its lifetime, including mergers and divestitures, and the addition of new products, divisions and plants. Additionally, this ERP offers full global functionality, appropriate for single-location manufacturers to multi-national, multi-lingual, multi-currency corporations.
    • Real-time responsiveness – GLOVIA G2 slashes order-to-fulfillment cycle times and helps you get the right product to the customer at the right time, place and price.
    • Improved efficiency – GLOVIA G2 helps you reduce costs as it effectively eliminates excess inventories, boosts productivity and manages resources.
    • Fully mobile, universal system – All GLOVIA G2 transactional capabilities can now be conducted on both desktop and mobile devices, including those deploying Android, Apple, and Windows operating systems, using either mouse or touchscreen navigation.
    • HTML5/Java-script user experience – All modules in this hosted manufacturing ERP software feature full functionality across all industry standard browsers including Internet Explorer (Desktop and Metro), Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.
    • Intuitive navigation – Options for menu-less or traditional navigation and function keys for rapid navigation provide end users with software that can accommodate any work style preferences, eliminating the need for extensive product training or ERP system experts when switching systems.
    • Improved end-user productivity – A seamless workflow and color-coded, “traffic light” style alerts simplify the work process by providing end users with only the screens and data they need to complete their task.

    GLOVIA G2’s hosted ERP system delivers great value for companies that can’t afford or choose not to maintain on-premise software.

    Like the on-premise version of GLOVIA G2, the hosted ERP includes over 70 ERP modules that cover manufacturing operations end-to-end.

    Learn more about GLOVIA G2, or contact us for an online demo or more information.

  • As a manufacturer, your needs have grown more complex and increasingly urgent. You must manage a rapidly growing customized product base. You must respond to customer demands quickly and accurately. You must gain visibility into all your operations and synchronize your supply chain. You must also provide immaculate service. Of course, you must do all this while cutting costs.

    Fujitsu Glovia's extended ERP suite can help you accomplish all these goals and more.

  • Fujitsu Glovia prides itself on our customer's success. We work very closely with our customers before, during and after implementation to ensure the best outcome once GLOVIA G2 goes live.

    These customer Case Studies give you an idea of the challenges we've faced and the solutions we've created.

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  • ERP Success Stories

    Manufacturers in varied industries around the world rely on Fujitsu Glovia to provide flexible, reliable and affordable solutions to manage their operations.

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