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    SAP-compatible ERP GLOVIA G2

    GLOVIA G2 Offers SAP-compatible ERP Solution for Manufacturing Operations

    For manufacturers using SAP ERP, the news of a production line change, expanded manufacturing capabilities, new facilities or implementation of Lean Manufacturing can bring an equal combination of excitement and dread as the realization hits that the company’s big new plans must include an expensive and time-consuming retrofit of existing SAP manufacturing ERP applications.

    Where SAP’s ERP provides advantages as a one-stop solution for large organizations with multiple facilities and varied operations, maintaining and updating SAP manufacturing ERP modules can add tremendous cost and additional time when companies seek to grow their business.

    An SAP-GLOVIA G2 Hybrid Approach to Manufacturing ERP

    FUJITSU GLOVIA, INC. has developed a hybrid ERP strategy that enables manufacturers to continue benefiting from the operational strengths of SAP’s ERP modules for financials, human resources and CRM while incorporating the fully SAP-compatible, GLOVIA G2 ERP system for manufacturing operations.

    Implementing GLOVIA G2 enables companies to take advantage of GLOVIA G2’s superior manufacturing ERP capabilities in manufacturing workflow, sequencing, optimization, traceability and pegging, and is ideally suited for small-to-large companies in a variety of discrete manufacturing industries, including automotive, aerospace & defense, capital equipment, electronics, engineer-to-order/make-to-order, telecommunications and high-volume manufacturing.

    GLOVIA G2 offers a number of advantages that make it an ideal manufacturing ERP solution paired with Corporate SAP applications:

    • Full integration of SAP modules
    • Lower cost of ownership, including licensing, implementation and maintenance cost savings
    • Easy to implement – weeks or months to implement vs. years for SAP
    • Extensive manufacturing operations expertise, especially in Lean Manufacturing, using Kanban, Seiban or other Lean systems
    • Specialized industry-specific modules for ETO/MTO and automotive companies and suppliers

    The cost and time benefits of GLOVIA G2 are of special merit when companies must undergo significant changes to their manufacturing operations. Designed from the ground up to support and manage manufacturing businesses, GLOVIA G2 provides:

    • Enterprise-wide visibility, with true supply chain transparency, eliminating information silos; a full-set of ERP modules integrating systems and business processes, linking companies to both their customers and suppliers
    • Unmatched flexibility, supporting manufacturing businesses without forcing changes to their business processes
    • Real-time responsiveness, slashing order-to-fulfillment cycle times and getting the right product to the right customer at the right place, time and price
    • Improved efficiency, reducing cost while eliminating excess inventories, boosting productivity and managing resources

    Implementing GLOVIA G2 in concert with an existing Corporate SAP ERP enables manufacturers to avoid significant SAP change costs with completion of business process changes in a fraction of the time.

    When to Consider an SAP-GLOVIA G2 Hybrid ERP Approach

    • When factory production line changes will require a time-consuming and expensive retrofit of SAP modules
    • When implementing Lean Manufacturing, Kanban or Seiban
    • When seeking a low-risk solution for very complicated problems
    • When adding manufacturing ERP capabilities to multiple facilities
    • When starting up a new manufacturing facility

    View the presentation on this page for case studies of FUJITSU GLOVIA’s SAP-compatible GLOVIA G2 ERP solution or contact FUJITSU GLOVIA for a software demo or more information.

    ERP Success Stories

    Manufacturers in varied industries around the world rely on Fujitsu Glovia to provide flexible, reliable and affordable solutions to manage their operations.

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