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    Blog Series :: GLOVIA G2 :: Where to Start with our ERP – Product Management

    Product Management Modules: Delivering Products On Time and Within Budget

    To introduce you to our GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP offering, we’d like to start at the beginning. Fujitsu Glovia offers more than 70 modules that work together to streamline your manufacturing operations. To accurately set up your shop floor, we start with our Base Modules Kit, which provides insight-and control, and is fully customizable to your needs. Once the Base Modules Kit is implemented, our consulting and services team work with you to help you get the most out of our robust ERP system.


    Today, we’ll start by introducing our Product Management suite of modules.


    Product Management: Delivering Products On Time and Within Budget

    The GLOVIA G2 Product Management ERP module set helps manufacturers define and manage products and respond to customers, while minimizing any disruptions to downstream processes. GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP modules work together to give you total control of the entire product lifecycle.

    GLOVIA G2 Product Management, the core of GLOVIA G2, provides all the ERP modules manufacturers need to control product costs, estimates, and configurations to better deliver products on time and within budget. The system enables users to manage and track all product-related information using multiple bills-of-material and routings — including revisions and alternates —and support progressive engineering.

    A centralized repository for all product-related data helps speed new product development, compress time-to-market, reduce development costs and manage large product portfolios. GLOVIA G2 Product Management also includes powerful estimating and simulation capabilities to help you quickly prepare accurate sales quotes and bids for engineered or configured products.


    Engineering: Manage Product Changes

    Within the Product Management suite of ERP modules, Engineering is the architectural cornerstone of GLOVIA G2. The Engineering – module’s flexible design lets you define your products and services so that you can respond quickly to product and service changes demanded by the marketplace.

    Manufacturers information on incoming and shipping orders, for product/service design and costing, and for a long list of other daily production functions. The GLOVIA G2 Engineering ERP software module is designed to answer all those questions and provide the detailed control manufacturing operations need to access, review and maintain the latest information.

    Our Engineering ERP software provides ‘alerts’ that can be used to ‘push’ the required engineering and product definition activities from one department to another. The Engineering ERP module includes a work-to-list and count of required actions with one-click direct access to the transactions required to complete those actions. GLOVIA G2’s alert system, which requires appropriate follow-up action to turn off the alerts, offers assurance that required actions are completed correctly. GLOVIA G2’s Engineering ERP module also has integration points with Microsoft SharePoint that provide full workflow capabilities.


    Estimating: Accelerated and Accurate Quoting & Budgets

    The Estimating module accelerates the development of customer quotes and bids, increasing the accuracy of your plans and budgets.


    The Estimating ERP module offers added flexibility for product cost and structure. The GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP improves profitability while enabling fast response to changing customer requirements and needs.

    TheEstimating ERP module gives manufacturers the tools to quickly and easily generate estimates, establish and maintain product structures, develop quotes, and evaluate the cost of proposed contract and engineering changes. A standard checklist of estimating steps helps assure consistent, accurate and complete estimates.

    Multipurpose estimating worksheets streamline the creation and subsequent revisions of estimates, enabling manufacturers to respond more quickly to inquiries. GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP manages all aspects of a manufacturers’ business, including services and materials, with a single integrated solution.


    Costing: Remain Competitive with Tight Rein on Costs

    The third powerhouse capability in our Product Management trifecta is Costing. This module allows manufacturers to remain competitive by keeping a tight rein on costs. A mix of standard, actual and average costing methods can be deployed to monitor and manage each of your products and services costs.

    Improved Cost Management

    As product designs change, operational processes improve, service needs change and new suppliers are found, manufacturers must be able to determine the cost impacts quickly and accurately. It’s important to be able to identify appropriate actions to correct problems and know when to adjust prices for profitability or market share. The GLOVIA G2 Costing module helps manufacturers accomplish this, regardless of the size of their operations.

    Life Cycle Costing

    GLOVIA G2’s Costing module is ideal for businesses that must track products and services supplied through both internal resources and outside suppliers. Seven cost types can be used to create, model, and track costs throughout a product or service’s life cycle. The Costing module enables users to create simulated cost models for evaluation and analysis without affecting current operations or book values.

    Elemental Costing

    GLOVIA G2 accurately recognizes the true components of cost, thus providing the critical visibility needed for effective cost control. Each item’s cost can be broken down into multiple user-defined cost elements, or up to 24 pre-set cost elements, including material, material overheads, machine set-up and run time, labor set-up and run-time, fixed and variable labor/machine overheads, outside processing, shrink/yield/scrap, and freight. The financial posting for each cost element of each transaction can be recorded to a different financial account within the General Ledger.

    Operational Cost Visibility

    GLOVIA G2’s Costing ERP includes item cost records that enable manufacturing operations to value an item or service accurately as it moves through a sequence of operations, tracking the costs of each item’s subassemblies, components and tasks. At each level of the item, the relationship of the materials used may be associated with the value-added costs of manufacturing or service delivery.


    Contact FUJITSU GLOVIA for more information about our manufacturing ERP software and solutions or to request an online demo.

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