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    Salesforce Field Service Management Module

    Provide a world-class customer service


    Provide world-class customer service

    GLOVIA OM Field Service is designed to overcome the biggest challenge facing businesses that want to deliver world-class customer service while managing field service resources effectively. Our customer service management solution for Salesforce.com provides the information required to manage your field service department: from initiating cases to managing service tickets.

    World Class Field Service

    Given the rapidly changing technology, product proliferation, and ever-shortening product lifecycles, customer service management is becoming the key competitive differentiator. For complex manufacturers, your success is determined by how well your field service engineers perform, how quickly they respond to customer requests and how effectively you manage them.

    Advantages of Field Service

    • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
    • Generate additional revenue streams
    • Increase efficiency for a service ticket
    • Improve response time
    • Minimize field service and material cost
    • Increase utilization of field service engineers
    • Improve service ticket visibility and availability of field service engineers

    Comprehensive Functionality

    The GLOVIA OM Field Service customer service management module is capable of handling all of your customers’ service requirements, including occasional service calls and routine maintenance. This customer service management solution addresses the current and future needs of your entire enterprise, enabling you to improve the efficiency of scheduling field service with accurate service cycles so that you can provide excellent customer service.

    • Manage services on mobile device leveraging Salesforce1
    • Provide service estimates to customer
    • Manage service contracts for warranty, preventative maintenance, etc.
    • Access customer sites to view assets
    • Geolocation to search for nearest field service engineer with skill sets
    • Set appointments for field service engineers
    • Visibility into inventory availability
    • Leverage chatter to get resources from other field service engineers

    Manage Assets

    GLOVIA OM Field Service customer service management module maintains a record of the asset for a product sold to a customer. This asset record can be used by the field service engineer to locate the asset for service. And now with geolocation, an accurate search for an available field service engineer nearby with the skills required is now possible. This feature provides an accurate record for future maintenance, upgrades or any service. Inventory reports are available at any time for comparison between planned and actual installations by the field service engineer.

    Manage Field Service Engineers

    Track and manage your most valuable customer service assets: your field service engineers. This customer service management solution allows scheduling, maintaining and tracking of time through a calendar. Geolocation enables you to find and assign field service engineers who are near the customer site and have appropriate skill sets.

    Contact FUJITSU GLOVIA for more information about GLOVIA OM ERP modules for Salesforce.com.

    ERP Success Stories

    Manufacturers in varied industries around the world rely on Fujitsu Glovia to provide flexible, reliable and affordable solutions to manage their operations.

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