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GLOVIA History

Setting the standard for over 50 years

GLOVIA, INC. is a leading innovator in manufacturing ERP solutions, helping manufacturers and assembly companies domestically and worldwide optimize, manage and grow their operations. From single-location manufacturers to multi-national, multi-lingual, multi-currency corporations, GLOVIA offers the expertise and technology to deliver simple, yet scalable solutions that solve its customers’ most complicated business problems.

Today’s product – GLOVIA G2 – was first released in 1990 as Xerox Chess. Since its introduction, the product has been extended and enhanced many times but has always retained the original design concept of being the best ERP solution for manufacturing companies. The technology basis of a single integrated real-time data schema on a single code set has been maintained throughout, therefore allowing all of our customers to migrate to newer releases without fear or indecision.

We go beyond what you would expect from a typical ERP vendor – in technology, functionality, service and value. Our extended ERP solution helps manufacturers overcome their most pressing business challenges, whether on the factory floor, in the boardroom or with their customers and suppliers.

The comprehensive functionality of our fully integrated solution enables customers to manage every aspect of the product lifecycle – from design, manufacturing and fulfillment to installation, service and support.

Glovia’s extended ERP solution helps manufacturers in over 1,000 sites manage their global businesses effectively, by supporting multiple languages, multiple currencies, and multiple complex business structures. Glovia fits the needs of engineer-to-order, make-to-order, high volume and mixed-mode manufacturing.

Fujitsu acquired Glovia in 2000, making it a wholly owned subsidiary. Since beginning as a reseller more than a decade ago, Fujitsu had consistently increased its involvement with our company. As the only world-class ERP software vendor in Japan, GLOVIA plays a key role in Fujitsu’s software and services business.

Part of FOG Software Group

As of September 2021 GLOVIA is part of FOG and the Constellation family. FOG is an independent operating group of Constellation Software Inc., (“CSI”) which is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange [TSX:CSU]. CSI and FOG acquires, manages, and builds software companies in a variety of vertical markets.

This will be an important boost for the future of GLOVIA’s solutions as well as a great advancement to our customers. We see many opportunities to extend our current G2 solution offerings and the ability to complement our portfolio with many advanced technologies that focus on smart manufacturing. GLOVIA will be part of FOG’s Smart Manufacturing Portfolio of software companies.

While our name has changed over the years, our dedication to our customers has not. As part of FOG, we continue to invest in our solution so we can meet your needs – today, tomorrow, and beyond.


  • Offices Globally Headquarters in Toronto
  • $ 4.5 billion in revenue
  • 19.000 Employees
  • 100+ markets worldwide
  • 125K customers in 100+ countries

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