GLOVIA G2 Manufacturing
ERP Overview

FUJITSU GLOVIA’S extended ERP suite, GLOVIA G2, is a comprehensive, open and flexible system powered by Microsoft.NET. This system will help you achieve your business objectives whether your company spans the globe or only a few time zones. It also supports multiple languages, multiple currencies and both simple and complex business structures.

The Expertise You Need.
The Flexibility You Deserve.

FUJITSU Standards

Designed and used by FUJITSU, a manufacturing company that understands manufacturer’s needs.

Easy Implementation

Our implementation team adapts the ERP to your current processes, not the other way around.

Fully Customizable

A full range of customizable features that can be adjusted to fit your workflow and userbase.


Built-in flexibility designed to change and grow with your business and staff.

Global Functionality

Made for single-location or multinational businesses using multiple currencies in multiple countries and time zones.

In-House Support

Support and implementation services are performed exclusively by FUJITSU GLOVIA technicians and never outsourced.

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