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    ERP Consulting

    A Global Consulting And Implementation Solution

    FUJITSU GLOVIA offers ERP consulting services to address all your application-related and technical needs.

    Our professionally certified manufacturing ERP consultants provide industry-specific expertise and a sound approach for implementing systems — all of which ensures success with an immediate return on your investment.

    Our manufacturing ERP consultants work with a wide range of global companies — in both size and complexity — in many different industries. You benefit from their knowledge of business practices and direct manufacturing systems expertise with every implementation.

    To complement your business system solution, we offer the following ERP consulting services:

    Management and Business Operations

    We provide ERP consulting assistance during the strategic planning phase to determine functional business requirements, refine business processes, and establish policies and procedures. Our professionals offer a blend of business and systems experience. They will analyze business problems, assess software/systems usage, and commend appropriate solutions to enhance overall business effectiveness.

    Project Management

    Our project managers architect a complete solution to support your business objectives and provide end-to-end project oversight. They develop plans, organize project teams, and ensure proper application of resources while managing our resources and the project. You get the assurance of ERP implementation consistency throughout your enterprise. ERP implementation status for all variables — including manpower and budget updates — is provided regularly to your management team.

    ERP Implementation

    Our ERP implementation consultants are devoted to the successful and rapid adaptation of each business module into your business by utilizing features that support the overall implementation. These “nuts and bolts” experts adapt your software usage to enable the achievement of your business objectives.


    FUJITSU GLOVIA provides experienced systems consultants at your site during initial installation of your GLOVIA G2 ERP software. They assist in pre-planning prior to hardware delivery, site preparation, installation of GLOVIA G2 system software, and training for daily operational use. They will ensure that everything is in order for a successful ERP implementation.

    Service Partners

    Service Partners provide capabilities that complement those offered by FUJITSU GLOVIA. They can address challenges including large-scale customizations and project management for large system integration. Should you choose to use alternate resources, the FUJITSU GLOVIA team will work with those partners to ensure success.


    Contact FUJITSU GLOVIA for more information about our manufacturing ERP consulting services.

    ERP Success Stories

    Manufacturers in varied industries around the world rely on Fujitsu Glovia to provide flexible, reliable and affordable solutions to manage their operations.

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