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    Sales Orders ERP Module

    A fully integrated environment for processing orders and managing goods and materials

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    The lifeblood of every business is the sale and distribution of its products. At the heart of this process is the sales order system. GLOVIA G2 Sales Orders is a CRM module in our manufacturing ERP software provides a fully integrated online environment for entering and processing sales orders as well as managing the physical distribution of goods and consigned inventory.

    Customer Service

    The Sales Orders provides visibility into all inventory locations with instant access to on-hand quantities, reserve inventory, previous commitments, scheduled receipts and other pertinent information. Sales Orders enables you to quote accurate delivery dates with confidence and check the customer’s credit status before you complete the order.

    Flexible Pricing and Discounting

    GLOVIA G2 Sales Orders CRM software module supports pricing based on list prices or multiple discounting structures. You can schedule price changes based on effective dates. You can simplify and automate even the most complex pricing schemes through customer and items classes and price groups.

    Special Item Processing

    The solution also enables you to take orders for special items. The Sales Orders CRM module supports “one-time” items or items built to custom specifications as well as related project billing for labor and materials.

    Customer Profile

    Sales Orders provides critical customer profile information for order entry, product distribution, and billing. This information controls credit status and policies, payment terms, and carrier and freight handling procedures. The solution also maintains customer information by locations, which allows you to establish unique bill-to, ship-to, and paying office locations.

    Financial Visibility

    GLOVIA G2 Sales Orders gives you the information you need to stay on top of your finances. Each sales order has its own tally of on-order and open amounts for individual inquiries or full reports. The cost-of-sales is calculated as goods are shipped. All period statements, credits and returns that affect inventory are tracked for reporting. Open sales order amounts are extended and summarized to report total expected revenue by period.

    Multinational Support

    The CRM solution enables you to enter orders in any currency to support global businesses. The module automatically converts orders into your “home” currency for financial reporting, taking into account rate effectivity and fluctuations in exchange rates. Sales Orders also supports value-added taxing (VAT).

    Consigned Inventory

    Sales Orders supports consigned inventory replenishment strategies. The module allows you to ship inventory to consigned customer locations as well as manage ownership transfer for billing. Used with GLOVIA G2 Customer Portal, Sales Orders provides customers with visibility into all consigned inventory, their consumption history, and shipment status.

    Features of the GLOVIA G2 Sales Orders CRM software module include:

    Order Entry

    • Multiple item types: stock, non-stock, non-standard
    • Customer locations for buying, bill-to, and ship-to addresses
    • FOB point, freight payment method, carrier
    • Required, promised, and scheduled dates
    • Ship-complete indicator
    • Automatic online checking of credit limit and available balance
    • Variable pricing and discounting options
    • Sales representatives with split percentages
    • Header comments and notepad
    • Optional entry for purchase order and date
    • Quote numbers
    • Project identification
    • Build-to specification ID
    • Supports import and export documents
    • Order currency and exchange rates
    • Credit and debit memos
    • Returned goods authorization and receiving
    • Support for multiple warehouses
    • Integrated with GLOVIA G2 Configurator for configured items

    Customer Profile

    • Bill-to, ship-to, and buying locations with addresses
    • Credit limit and hold status
    • Contact names by locations
    • Sales representatives with split percentages
    • Sales organization responsibility
    • Text and notepad

    Order Line Information

    • Optional customer item number cross-reference
    • Multiple deliveries per line item
    • Automatic item price and discount calculation
    • View item availability
    • Multi-level international tax
    • Line comments and notepads
    • Work order reference

    Order Processing

    • Option for instant material commitment with pick and packing document generation
    • Credit hold options
    • Commit material by date range or item
    • Record backorder quantities
    • Generate sales orders, credit, and debit memos
    • Print pick list, pack list, packing slip, and acknowledgments

    Sales Order Shipping

    • Confirm pick and pack quantity with time and date stamp
    • Over- and under-shipment verification
    • Pack list
    • Shipping labels
    • Bill of lading
    • Forward billing information for invoicing
    • One time ship-to address

    Inquiries and Reports

    • Individual order with search
    • Sales order status
    • Review scheduled orders
    • Debit and credit memos
    • Backorders and backlog
    • Orders on hold
    • Cancellations
    • Credit review

    Consigned Inventory

    • Ship-to consigned locations at customer
    • Visibility of all consigned inventory, including on-hand and in-transit
    • Financial ownership/liability transfer based on consumption (via GLOVIA G2 Customer Portal or XML)
    • Consumption history and shipment status
    • Automatic billing based on period or monetary value

    Contact FUJITSU GLOVIA to learn more about implementing our GLOVIA G2 Sales Orders CRM software module at your manufacturing company.

    ERP Success Stories

    Manufacturers in varied industries around the world rely on Fujitsu Glovia to provide flexible, reliable and affordable solutions to manage their operations.

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