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    Salesforce Integration

    Extended Capability: GLOVIA G2 Integration With Salesforce.com

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    Glovia Solutions


    Built on FUJITSU GLOVIA’s revolutionary open platform, GLOVIA G2 brings ERP to the cloud – all in one system providing a single user experience. Seamlessly integrated with Salesforce CRM, opportunity management is controlled from the initial call, with win/loss analysis to enable follow up and changes in process where needed. Extend Salesforce.com CRM using their objects – Accounts, Contacts, Products, Price Books, Opportunities, Cases, and so on. From leads management to invoicing, inventory management to purchasing and manufacturing, all required data is available at your fingertips. No more silos of information resulting in missed opportunities. Processes are enhanced by way of full integration of all required data resulting in reduced costs and customers are satisfied with on-time, accurate deliveries resulting in additional future opportunities.

    Managing your supply is essential to fully support your sales operations. Whether you purchase to stock or to customer order, make to stock or customer order, or a mixed mode of operating with both, GLOVIA G2 enables you to manage finished goods, component, and consignment inventory – all in multiple warehouse locations – extending your sales visibility throughout the entire supply chain.

    At the same time, managing your customer support is equally essential, and having all required information at your fingertips enhances the customer experience by not making them sit on hold while you search for the correct data.

    By way of this integration, GLOVIA G2 is configurable with standard Salesforce.com tools:

    • Reports
    • Dashboards
    • User Profiles
    • Page Layouts
    • Work Flow
    • Approvals

    And, so on with no new tools or skills to learn.

    Data managed and maintained within GLOVIA G2 includes all the ERP software modules required for the following processes:

    • Order fulfillment, from reserving inventory to tracking shipments
    • Order management, from credit checking through product/service quote/order entry to order shipping and fulfillment, including multi-currency
    • Inventory management, from inventory on-hand/order through serial and lot control
    • Manufacturing with detail product structure and supply order data and status
    • Purchasing, PO placement, tracking and options for shipment to multiple warehouses; complete with multi-currency
    • Accounting, including invoicing, AP and AR with invoice scheduling, printing and emailing
    • Returns, including dispositioning of returns and creation of RMA sales order
    • Mobility, enabling access anywhere, anytime

    Dashboards can be created for a wide variety of views, including the following:

    • Win Analysis Dashboards
    • Loss Analysis Dashboards
    • Opportunity ‘Pipeline’ Dashboards
    • Sales Quote Analysis Dashboards
    • Quotation Product Analysis Dashboards
    • Credit Analysis by Sales Representative Dashboards
    • Shipment Backlog by Sales Representative Dashboards
    • Shipment Backlog by Product Dashboard

    Contact FUJITSU GLOVIA to learn more about integrating our GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP system with Salesforce.com CRM.

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