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    Financial Management ERP Solution

    Powerful Financial Management for Global Manufacturers

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    Glovia Solutions

    We are all in business to make products — and profits. In addition to your complex manufacturing responsibilities, you need to pay debts, receive payments, manage assets, comply with regulations, and execute global transactions.

    Benefits of using GLOVIA G2’s Financial Management ERP software module:

    • Improved reporting and visibility of assets and costs
    • Streamlined financial processes, including collection, financing, payment, and settlement
    • Reduced overhead
    • Increased liquidity and improved cash management
    • Improved understanding and management of intangible assets and intellectual capital

    GLOVIA G2’s Financial Management ERP software module is a powerful financial management solution that enables you to manage your entire business profitably. This ERP solution supports multiple currencies as well as complex business structures so you can better manage your global operations. The Financial Management ERP software module helps you record, consolidate, and analyze your finances and provides complete visibility into enterprise-wide transactions.

    GLOVIA G2 Financial Management includes powerful real-time analysis and advanced reporting options. This software module simplifies all aspects of accounting, including cash management, billing, accounts receivable and accounts payable. The GLOVIA G2 Financial Management ERP software module comes with a powerful integration tool, that coordinates and consolidates all financial transactions between GLOVIA G2 applications and any general ledger.

    Contact FUJITSU GLOVIA to learn more about implementing our GLOVIA G2 Financial Management ERP software module at your company.

    ERP Success Stories

    Manufacturers in varied industries around the world rely on Fujitsu Glovia to provide flexible, reliable and affordable solutions to manage their operations.

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