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    Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

    Get the right materials to the right place at the right time

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    The material management module of GLOVIA G2, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), helps you reduce inventory material investment and improve productivity and customer service by getting the right materials to the right place at the right time.

    Integrated Planning Power

    This material management module can be driven by project requirements and/or the master production schedule to ensure that high-level requirements are consistent with the authorized production plan. MRP is integrated with your live inventories, work orders, projects, and sales and purchase orders to ensure that the latest information is always considered. The Material Requirements Planning module is also integrated with GLOVIA G2 Engineering to provide access to currently effective bills of material, routings, and item planning policies.

    Material Management by Entity

    This GLOVIA G2 material management module provides the ability to conduct separate, independent MRP netting in each specific work center and outsource supplies when production limits are exceeded.

    Planning Cockpit

    The planning cockpit integrates the functionality of the material management module with other GLOVIA G2 ERP modules, including Master Production Scheduling,  to provide an extremely visual, highly productive user experience, with  immediate access to information in all areas necessary for successful planning/scheduling, including sales demand, and planned and committed production and purchased supply. This gives planners, analysts and program managers the ability to react quickly and easily to any exceptions that may occur. It provides for the rapid creation and update of supply orders based on the MRP planning recommendations. A complete multi-level product structure displays the supply order recommendations and exception details for all items and raw materials used in the manufacture of an item. Visual images of each item selected for action are displayed providing for increased productivity and reducing the likelihood of mistakes. Color-coding is used to display the importance/severity of the exception. Users can process any selected material management recommendations with a single click of a button. The ‘where-used’ feature of the planning cockpit provides instant multi-level visibility of the items, products, production orders, sales demands and customers that will be affected by by any anticipated supply shortages or delays.

    Multiple Planning Cycles

    This material management module offers multiple planning cycles, with variable phasing and planning horizons, to satisfy planning needs for near-term production and long-range material commitments. The Material Requirements Planning system can also be used to generate purchase orders and work orders and to release repetitive schedules, as well as contract purchase orders automatically with allocations across multiple suppliers.

    Planning in Hours, Minutes and Seconds

    Most ERP packages only plan in days. GLOVIA G2’s material management module accommodates lead times and planning in hours, minutes and seconds. Multiple supply orders, releases and call-offs can be generated in a single day to fulfill multiple demands at different times of the day.

    Cross Company and Cross Plant Planning

    • GLOVIA G2 provides the option to net supplies and demands separately within each plant/warehouse or to net the consolidated results.
    • Netting across companies that are separate financial entities also is possible.

    Keeping Planning Parameters and Lead Times Relevant

    To help incorporate current conditions into the planning equation, the ERP system provides the ability to process either selective or mass updates of planning statuses and lead time changes, as well as the ability for complete online exception processing.

    Financial Measurement

    GLOVIA G2’s Material Resource Planning module gives you an instant picture of projected inventory investment levels, as well as projected new purchases in accordance with your plan. Projections can be made on any MRP cycle. This provides an added dimension of visibility for directing the planning focus on the most significant areas of your investment. This also helps you to validate a plan financially and make swift adjustments before committing your cash.

    Planning Cockpit

    • Reschedule open commitments to suggested due date
    • Highlights items with due/overdue for order creation
    • Overstock exceptions
    • Cancellations suggested
    • Sensitivity filters control the volume and types of exceptions

    Materials Requirements Planning Capabilities

    • Multiple planning cycles and netting options
    • Multiple item netting policies control the timing and quantities of supplies.
    • Planned orders
    • Distinct or repetitive/release-based supply order creation for manufactured, transferred and purchased items
    • Integrated with projects
    • Multi-level
    • Creation of manufacturing orders
    • Activity planned in hours and minutes
    • Overstock analysis
    • Cancellations suggested
    • Honors multi-level material pegging
    • Mass update of item planning policies and lead times to better match current conditions


    Contact FUJITSU GLOVIA for more information about the capabilities of GLOVIA G2’s material management module.

    ERP Success Stories

    Manufacturers in varied industries around the world rely on Fujitsu Glovia to provide flexible, reliable and affordable solutions to manage their operations.

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