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    Quality Management ERP Module

    Glovia Quality Management tools help accurately collect and manage your data.

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    Glovia Solutions


    It is a given in today’s business environment that, in order to win new business and maintain current customers, a company must be able to provide a product with consistently good quality. In most industries, product quality is, in fact, the most important differentiator between suppliers. It is also widely realized within well-run manufacturing companies that product quality is a key ingredient in product profitability. GLOVIA G2’s Quality Management software module enables manufacturers to measure and track quality, regardless of which quality process programs they choose to use.

    The foundation of good quality management and quality improvement processes is good quality related data. The GLOVIA G2 Quality Management software module provides tools that help collect and manage this data, to support quality initiatives throughout all areas of your business from product definition, through sales, and on to financial reporting.

    Whatever quality management and process improvement programs your company chooses to implement, whether it’s Six Sigma, Total Quality Management (TQM), or process standardization required for ISO requirements; the GLOVIA G2 Quality Management software module can provide the information you need.

    GLOVIA G2 provides robust Quality Management practices in all ERP functional areas:

    • Engineering
    • Costing
    • Procurement
    • Inventory Management
    • Manufacturing Management
    • Planning
    • Sales
    • Accounting
    • Aftermarket Service

    Defined at the Component or Assembly level

    This quality management software module can define quality metrics whether manufacturing or buying components and finished products at the component or assembly level:

    • Vendor certification
    • Inspection criteria for purchase material at an Item level:
      • Quality metric definition
      • Ability to define quality and inspection procedures
      • Definition of acceptable or defective material whether on a unit by unit or on a parts per million (PPM) basis
      • Ability to define problem resolution statuses and disposition defective material for rework, return to vendor, use-as-is, or scrap
      • Ability to segregate; rework; or return defective material at any time
      • Automatically generate action or resolution requests and distribute to both internal users and outside suppliers via e-mail and exception notice
      • Maintain quality data on an item by item and supplier by supplier basis for historical performance analysis
      • Maintain supplier performance ratings in support of scorecarding

    Work-in-Process (WIP)

    GLOVIA G2’s Work-in-Process (WIP) Quality Management and Line-Side Inspection provides the capability to:

    • Define inspection operations with acceptance criteria enabling automatic application to inspection results
    • Apply visual insight to the line-side inspection activities that need to be conducted during production operational steps. This visibility allows both the line-side inspection activities and inspection resources to be pro-actively scheduled and managed, thus minimizing bottleneck inefficiencies and reducing WIP and line-side inventory
    • Get instant access to specific quality process instructions and electronic copies of the relevant quality procedures and inspection documents, including rework operations and processes
    • Capability to define control plans for both manufacturing in-process and incoming inspection processes
    • Scrap in-process assemblies or components and accurately reflect the cost of this scrap
    • Reflect rework costs as actuals or variances against manufacturing standards
    • Segregate non-conformant material or assemblies for later analysis
    • Record inspection results notes
    • Access detailed quality results and provide the information necessary to present a visual analytical understanding of quality and how it can be improved
    • Execute failure alerts – immediately escalate critical issues to the relevant personnel


    Of course, Glovia G2 provides complete integration between Quality Management Software and Financial Reporting ERP module:

    • Automatically generate credit memos for defective purchased materials
    • Process returns to vendors (RTV’s)
    • Process customer returns
    • Record and post all quality related costs to the general ledger

    Contact FUJITSU GLOVIA for more information on how GLOVIA G2’s Quality Management software module can be used to manage your quality processes.

    ERP Success Stories

    Manufacturers in varied industries around the world rely on Fujitsu Glovia to provide flexible, reliable and affordable solutions to manage their operations.

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