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    Service Management ERP Solution

    Gain a Competitive Advantage Through World Class Customer Service

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    Glovia Solutions

    Faced with rising customer expectations, constant pressures to reduce costs, and shortening product lifecycles, many manufacturers recognize an important fact about their post-sales service businesses — customers will spend much more on services for a product over its useful lifespan than they will on its initial purchase.

    The GLOVIA G2 Service Management ERP module offers a number of business benefits:

    • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
    • Reduced cost of service
    • Increased “up sell” revenue
    • Decreased service response times
    • Improved first-call problem resolution rates
    • Streamlined service processes and activities

    While service businesses have long been considered second-class corporate citizens, leading companies know that their service businesses can set them apart from the competition and bolster their bottom lines.

    The GLOVIA G2 Service Management ERP module provides the tools and information manufacturers need to manage post-sales services effectively: from installing products and responding to service calls to coordinating service resources and providing ongoing maintenance.

    The fully integrated solution manages all service-related activities cost-effectively, including call handling, service quotations, service order handling, field service dispatching, installation management, preventative maintenance, service contract management, resource planning, spare parts inventory, warranty management, and more.

    The GLOVIA G2 Service Management ERP module provides complete visibility into all service activities — from installation to on-going maintenance, including status and costs. It helps manufacturers plan and coordinate service-related resources, including FSEs, installation specialists, replacement parts, and more. GLOVIA G2 Service Management also provides customers, service representatives, and field service personnel with real-time, web-based access to critical information.

    Contact FUJITSU GLOVIA for more information about the GLOVIA G2 Service Management ERP module for managing all post-sales service activities.

    ERP Success Stories

    Manufacturers in varied industries around the world rely on Fujitsu Glovia to provide flexible, reliable and affordable solutions to manage their operations.

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