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    Field Service ERP Module

    Gain a true competitive advantage by providing world-class customer service

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    Given rapidly changing technology, product proliferation, and ever-shortening product lifecycles, customer service is becoming the key competitive differentiator. For complex manufacturers, your success is determined by how well your field service engineers perform, how quickly they respond to customer requests and how effectively you manage them.

    The GLOVIA G2 Field Service ERP software module is designed to overcome the biggest challenge facing manufacturers – delivering world-class customer service while managing field service resources effectively. This field service management ERP module provides the information required to manage your field service department: from tracking calls and managing orders to sourcing resources and performing follow-up services.

    The GLOVIA G2 Field Service ERP software module helps manufacturers by:

    • Increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty
    • Generating additional revenue streams
    • Reducing preparation time for service orders
    • Improving service request responsiveness
    • Decreasing field service and material costs
    • Increasing utilization of field service engineers
    • Improving visibility into service orders and availability of field service engineers
    • Eliminating service penalties

    Comprehensive Field Service Management Functionality

    GLOVIA G2 Field Service handles all of your customers’ service requirements, whether they need service occasionally or 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The solution addresses the service needs of your entire enterprise, enabling you to improve the predictability and accuracy of service cycles so that you can provide excellent customer service.

    Field Service provides comprehensive management functionality including:

    • The ability to plan and manage services just like materials
    • Integration with Service & Repair enables service quote and contract management including warranty, level of service, and preventative maintenance
    • Point-and-click access to customers’ site registers
    • Visibility into both existing and planned field service engineer and material availability

    Service Call Management

    Field Service enables you to manage all incoming field service requests including logging, tracking, monitoring, and responding to service calls. The ERP software module allows you to:

    • Record customer calls and provide diagnostic tools
    • Capture notes concerning service requests
    • Assign action statuses to calls
    • Assign priorities to service orders
    • Assign the most appropriate service provider, based on skill and availability
    • Review a service provider’s job queue
    • Review the status and history of a customer’s calls and service orders
    • Escalate calls to higher levels of support as needed
    • Close service loops by recording details of post-service follow-up calls

    Service Engineer Assignment and Monitoring

    • Manage dispatch lists and prioritize open service orders
    • Update time sheets, report job status, and add comments to service orders
    • Generate a daily list of required items based on scheduled service orders
    • Manage inventory status by vehicle, including physical inventory
    • Issue, track, consume, and automatically replenish repair kits
    • Process replenishment requests

    Manage Field Service Engineers

    The GLOVIA G2 Field Service ERP software module enables you to track and manage your most valuable customer service assets: your field service engineers. The field service management system allows you to plan, maintain and track direct and indirect time through a web-based calendar function. Direct time is automatically entered when a field service order is executed. Indirect time can be added by simply clicking on the date and appropriate activity. This combination helps you to analyze the utilization and availability of your field service engineers.

    Additional Capabilities

    The Field Service ERP module provides key additional capabilities including:

    • Service and Repair Order Tracking
      Provides up-to-the-minute visibility of a customer’s order as well as status and reporting capabilities.
    • Integrated Billing
      Supports repetitive or cyclical billing to meet customer preferences for monthly, quarterly, or annual billing as well as billable charges and minimum and maximum amounts.
    • Online History
      Records and archives all service contract and service repair activities including costs, billing, completion, material and labor.
    • Flexible Tables Functionality
      Tailors application to the unique needs of your customers, including user-defined service types, pricing, penalty triggers, and workflows.
    • Proactive Workflow
      Automates service process by defining status codes and triggered actions; enables exception-based management of service orders.
    • Automatic Register Update
      Provides an up-to-date view of customer’s product configurations including the latest components installed-down to revision and serial level.

    Contact FUJITSU GLOVIA for more information about how the GLOVIA G2 Field Service ERP module can improve management of field service engineers and field service activities.

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