Blog :: FUJITSU GLOVIA INC. Hybrid ERP Strategy Benefits SAP Users

While many large, multi-facility companies view SAP as a one-stop ERP solution, the system can add tremendous cost and blow up the intended timetable when companies find opportunities to grow or change their business.

FUJITSU GLOVIA INC. has developed a hybrid ERP strategy that enables manufacturers to more quickly, easily and inexpensively make production line changes, expand manufacturing capabilities, add new facilities or implement Lean Manufacturing while continuing to benefit from the operational strengths of their SAP ERP systems.

Our GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP software has been designed to be fully SAP-compatible, providing manufacturers the opportunity to incorporate a system with superior manufacturing ERP capabilities without disrupting corporate use of SAP for financial and human resource functions.

Implementing GLOVIA G2 enables companies to take advantage of GLOVIA G2’s superior manufacturing ERP capabilities in manufacturing workflow, sequencing, optimization, traceability and pegging. The system is well suited for small-to-large discrete manufacturers and assembly companies in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace & defense, capital equipment, electronics, engineer-to-order/make-to-order, telecommunications and high-volume manufacturing.
Implementing a hybrid SAP GLOVIA G2 ERP solution is ideal when:

  • Factory production line changes will require a time-consuming and expensive retrofit of SAP modules
  • Implementing Lean Manufacturing, Kanban or Seiban
  • Seeking a low-risk solution for very complicated problems
  • Adding manufacturing ERP capabilities to multiple facilities
  • Ramping up a new manufacturing facility

Learn more about FUJITSU GLOVIA INC.’s SAP-compatible GLOVIA G2 ERP solution or contact FUJITSU GLOVIA INC. for a software demo or more information.

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